Soccer is in Denial About its Racism Problem

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Racism? What do you know about the (infra)structure of youth football in the US? There are a LOT of issues with the current set up but racism is not one of them.
This is a bold faced LIE.

I wish I could find the article but someone did a really good piece on the MLS/USMNT and why both struggle to find homegrown talent and how scouts outright ignore and dismiss and discredit super talented 1st generation Mexican players who end up playing for Mexico or in Mexican leagues when they are US Citizens and eligible and would prefer to play in the MLS and for the National team.

How can you challenge anyone's knowledge about the infrastructure of youth football in the US and not be aware of such a major issue? Way to expose yourself.

*Edit*- Here's the article. Emphasis on the part where a scout OUTRIGHT LIED about going to see a very talented prospect who ended up playing for Mexico. I can only think of one reason why a scout would self sabotage like that. And don't tell me it was because Mexico could offer the chance to play in the World Cup and the US couldn't because as a scout your main job is to do your due diligence no matter what you think the outcome will be as far as the player accepting or declining your offer.

Here's the relevant excerpt:

Still, the perception exists—rightly or wrongly—that U.S. Soccer must do more to connect with the Mexican community. After González’s decision, U.S. Soccer faced withering criticism for neglecting a top prospect, especially after a reportrevealed that then-scout Thomas Rongen had falsely claimed to have visited González’s house three times in 2017. Rongen never went, but Mexico flew in te Kloese and arranged a phone call with then–Mexico national team manager Juan Carlos Osorio.

At the time, Mexico was able to offer González, then 18, something that U.S. Soccer could not—a chance to play in the 2018 World Cup—but the debate opened up a broader discussion about how the fundamental structures of the U.S. soccer pyramid continue to privilege those with the means to pay to play the sport. “Representation matters,” says Herculez Gomez, a former U.S. men’s national team striker and a Mexican American. “What gets to me is why these kids feel the need to go right outside of their birth country to find first-team opportunities. Why aren’t we giving these kids first-team opportunities right here in the States?”
Mexico realized that the US doesn't want eligible Mexican players starring on its national team, or at a minimum they don't feel like they should have to compete with Mexico for said talent so Mexico created their US scouting program to exploit the racism perpetrated by the American system.

Another excerpt:

Despite the club’s success developing players, Van der Most recalls that his teams made up mostly of Latino players weren’t always welcomed in the world of American youth soccer. “We had referees calling our players ‘****ing **cs,’” he says. At one youth tournament, he says hotel officials reflexively blamed his team after guests complained about rowdy soccer players. When Van der Most investigated, it turned out the offenders were a group of white players from a Texas club. It wasn’t the only time his team would get blamed for something they didn’t do. “I’ve been called out twice. ‘Sacha, we need to talk to you. A bag was stolen. They say it’s your players,’” he remembers.

These encounters are familiar to many in the Mexican American community. “This is the makeup of our country and what our country is dealing with,” Gomez says. “To assume that it doesn’t trickle down in a sport is just ignorant.” I ask Van der Most if the increasingly racist rhetoric toward Mexicans and Mexican Americans from President Donald Trump has impacted his work. He says politics hasn’t explicitly come up in any conversations that he’s had with players and their families but that the atmosphere is unavoidable, citing...
There are a lot of issues with the current set up but racism isn't one of them, right? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

We call racist nonsense out with a quickness in the regular soccer thread.
I've also heard a vicious racial slur thrown around by a handful of Italians, mulignan or "moolie," which translates to eggplant.
For the most part on NT, blatant racism gets called out and dealt with. But I see a TON of thinly vailed racism and a number of users that love to toe the line and blow the dog whistle without consequence--- that level of racism seems to be permissible here despite claims to the contrary especially in the shoe threads.

As for the slur...I've literally only heard that term used on the Sopranos. Not saying Italians don't frequently use it, but is it even common among younger Italians? I was kind of under the impression that that term is kind of antiquated.
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NOT WELCOME Three Chelsea Fans Turned Away From Slavia Prague’s Ground After Racist Mo Salah Chants
Chelsea security barred three of the supporters from entering the stadium while another three apparently failed to show

THREE Chelsea fans were banned from Slavia Prague's stadium after being caught on video chanting vile racist abuse towards Mo Salah.

And Liverpool released a strongly-worded statement slamming the "disturbing" chant that saw "Salah is a bomber" sung to the tune of September by Earth, Wind and Fire.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 5.23.44 PM.png

Fans expressed their outrage at the clip appearing to show Chelsea supporters singing a racist chant about Mo Salah

Chelsea security were on hand to deny three of the fans in the video entry to the Sinobo Stadium for the club's Europa League clash in the Czech Republic - while another three apparently failed to show up.

It is not known who identified them, but Chelsea are thought to have "spotters" with the fans on European trips.

A Liverpool statement read: "The video circulating online, showing vile discriminatory chants being aimed at one of our players, is dangerous and disturbing.

"Already this season we have seen repulsive discriminatory abuse inside stadiums in England, Europe and across the world; abuse that was captured on devices and put into the public domain. We have also witnessed numerous hateful attacks on social media.

"This behaviour needs to be called out for what it is - unadulterated bigotry.

"Liverpool Football Club believes it is the responsibility of those in positions of authority, following proper process, to act urgently to identify and then punish anyone committing a hate crime."

We don't want fans like that anywhere near our game

Anti-Racism Campaigners Kick It Out
A statement on the shocking video was also sent out by Chelsea this evening.

It read: "Chelsea FC finds all forms of discriminatory behaviour abhorrent and where there is clear evidence of Chelsea season ticket holders or members involved in such behaviour, we will take the strongest possible action against them.

"Such individuals are an embarrassment to the vast majority of Chelsea supporters who won’t tolerate them in their club."

Some Chelsea fans who watched the clip expressed their horror at the vile slur aimed at the former Stamford Bridge player and current Liverpool star, who is a Muslim from Egypt.

And anti-racism campaigners Kick It Out labelled it a disgrace, writing on Twitter: "It's not on the terraces, but it's still a disgrace. We don't want fans like that anywhere near our game.

"We will be liaising with @chelseafc to ensure those involved are identified and punished swiftly and effectively."

One Chelsea supporter wrote: "This is extremely disgusting and needs addressing by Chelsea.. they don't represent the true fans of the club."


Another said: "We’re not all like this. But all clubs have d***heads like this. I’m a Chelsea fan but I’m nothing like this so please don’t rope the likes of me and the other normal fans I know in with this lot."

One comment read: "I agree that this is disgusting but that isn't the entire Chelsea fanbase. There are fans out there that condemn this behaviour."

A fellow user posted: "Can I just say this is representative of all Chelsea fans. I’m a Blue and I’m not like this nor do I condone it."

Another said: "As a Chelsea fan myself, this is absolutely disgusting and fellow sensible fans do not represent or promote this part of the fanbase.

"It is shameful we have such w*****s as part of our so-called 'fanbase' who use such quotes to describe footballers. Pathetic."

Chelsea were investigated earlier this year after alleged racist incidents during their Europa League clash against MOL Vidi in Budapest - and were also shown holding up a flag with a Nazi symbol.

The charges were related to antisemitic chanting against Tottenham fans - but were eventually dropped.
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