sole collector in mia in 07?

is it gonna be a new store or just an event......
One word to describe me...Spectacular....Yeess

Looking for...ds or slightly used
send help dunk.
hawaii dunk
ALL IN SIZE 12.5 or 13
Sole collector was in Jan .. of LAST year..
Am Yisrael Chai.
WANTED: SIZE 6 SUPREMES LOWS,please =]. either color.Get at me with anything size 6.
thank you i was obviously misinformed i went last year and was happy when i heard that there was gonna be another one but i guess not ima slap thay dude that told me.
^^^ that avi is funny....saw that dude on vh1 last night.. funny videos or somethin like that
TeaM Florida
DirtY DaDe 3o5
MiaMi ChapteR
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