Nov 7, 2005
anybody in broward go there yet its a new exlusive shoes store in broward county by coral square mall it jus opened 2 weeks ago they gettin more stuff in soon and they sell limited releases they gunna sell bapes there in like a month so be sure to check that place out
No way!

Could it really be? Ft lauderdale finally gets a nice shoe store?!

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Im looking for shoes older than 2000 sz 12 hit me up!
no sorry i wnt today but i couldnt take pics cause the batteries dies and i forgot to change but when i get pics i will post
well they really dont have that much they got invisibles blue and purple fragments xs ice and red and grey black and gold 1s all white 9s kiwi af1s dmp allstar af1s and so more stuff got some tees and they gettin more in
well the prices arnt to bad but u kinda have to be the judge of that u should check it out its a good spot
Yes they r legit i been in there. Thats my homeboys DMP in there for sale. They got some Ok @#%$ Hi prices its good to see another store down here tho.Marlin what school u go 2?
what's the address to this store? i might try 2 hit it up one of these days i'm off.

man.. you are hyping this place up. Their prices are steep... no doubt about that. I know firsthand from a friend whos been several times to see whats up.

They have several items for consignment as well
I want your DS Air Max's sz 13
I'm black, if that matters.

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Rape prices. just called, 250 for invisibles... wow.

and its sole purpose
israel Chai.
really??? i gotta check it out...does anyone have the exact address?
o0o yea....and DONT HOLD YOUR BREATHHH!!!

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Yeah its sole purpse and the store isnt anything great. All af1's and couple consignments, but prices are high. If you arent in the area then dont waste your time for that trip for sure. Dope setup nonetheless.
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