i bet Sole Promise has better prices than Sole Purpose hahaha

I changed it the best I could^
I want your DS Air Max's sz 13

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^^ haha, what part do u live in??? i just moved to Sunrise
o0o yea....and DONT HOLD YOUR BREATHHH!!!

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Jada2001Retro You couldnt have said it any better!

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its reeaally all about culture kings right now... tell um Louie sent ya lol thats my peeps!

Culture Kings
4300 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33137-3426
(305) 573-2399

great stuff great prices... extremely worth checkin out...
Coral Springs...the city where all white kids think they're tough.

LOL i would have to say where all the kids think there hard owning beemers and type-r tegras, its beverly hills over there!!
HAHA its crazy how people comment about the city. I grew up there and I have to agree with you guys.
yea i was in springs the other day and some dude tried to start a fight with me over a traffic light.. i kept it movin think to myself how J.T got shank over some stuff like that. and he's a HUGE FOOTBALL linebacker. i on the other hand am not.
Jada2001Retro You couldnt have said it any better!

I know, :lol:
. All the kids there are pricks, I went to the Coral Square mall and saw nothing but white kids wearing LRG and other "urban" clothing trying to be cool and act hard. Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids. :lol:

Coral Springs...the city where all white kids think they're tough.

i live in deerfield beach and will proably be checking it out when i get some money.
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Make sure to bring your hard words with you, cause they'll beat you up with they're "rough words". :lol:
@ those Coral Spring punks.
I was in Sole Purpose Today From what i saw this is what they had.

1. 06 Nike AF1 West Indies All Sizes 115.00
2. Frankenstein AF1 8.5 200.00
3.All White HTM AF1
4.OG VIII Black,Red,Blue
5.Olive IX retro
6.Tiffanys Dunk
8.White/Chrome IX
9.Olympic VII
10.Cardinal VII
11.Grape Retro V try to Get this some kid walk in today put these on consignment for 330.00 Rape Prices
12.White Yellow Tour Black IV
13.Easter Egg 2
14.Pixie AF1
15.Silver/Grey/Green V
16.XIII Retro Black/Altitude Green SZ .9 280
17.Air Max 95 Human Torch 150 to 180.00 not sure

For Those Of You who do not know where is it its in the same Plaza as the Mall right next to Dan Marino The store name on the outside is Holiday Celebrations. Right next to Metro PCS

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haha they just opening up i checked it out the prices are steep for somthings but hey its partially the consignment area of the store the other prices arent all that bad you know
10.5 golfs for sale DS/ Cardinal VII for sale DS/ Cinco de Mayo P.rods 9.5
I went there a few times last week....but they were closed due to the fact that they were re-modeling the place. They aint been open in about a week......I aint see nuthin
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now I'm ridin' Deion...
I went there yesterday they redid the store it loooks way better they got some nice stuff.

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07 black and silver 5's
grits sb'd
white and wheat 13's
altitude 13's
black and red 13's
dmp 11's
go check it out
Ive never been in there yet but I drove by and thought already closed caz it look like they were gone ... but like you said I guess they remodeled

if anyone knows where to find these cats let me know. They got 4 pairs of my shoes.

They put a sign on the door talking bout they moving across the street and everyone would get a call within 10 days. Re-Open on the 22 of Sept. and there is no sign of them anywhere. GOT MAD @#%$ LOOKIN FOR THEM. DENNIS WHERE U AT HOMIE?
kickz and jerseys for sale!
^thats sucks man, i went there over the summer and copped a few pairs of kicks
for a good price. my homeboi down there said they closed like a month back.
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I remember dudes was passing out flyers at Sawgrass for this place never check them out tho :smh:


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