Someone school me on Vertu vol. $10,000 cell phones

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I believe it's that expensive because it comes with lifetime concierge correct?
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vertu is a offshoot brand of nokia phones made with really expensive material and really dated technology. all of their phones have concierge button with included 24 hours service for the life of the phone  a year.
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Ari Gold had one in Season 1 of Entourage. Definitely did a product placement for it. I remember seeing it and was like "wow, that's a crazy phone." There's a little Vertu store at the Wynn that I've never seen anyone in except for the sales associate and the security guard.
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Originally Posted by dmbrhs

There's a little Vertu store at the Wynn that I've never seen anyone in except for the sales associate and the security guard.

apple should just take nokia's idea of making a more expensive/super high end phones, they would probably make a killing.

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after looking thru the site those phone look real outdated but fancy at the same time... but i still dont understand why its so expensive?
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It's for straight ballers who DGAF about what technology it has, but like the idea of having a gold or platinum phone. Vertu is all about materials, craftsmanship, and the concierge service. I remember being in awe of vertu back in like 2000, I even bought a vertu style case for my nokia lol. But back then, the OS was new at the time. Now it's so far behind, it's just a joke.

But if someone pulled it out, I'd definitely ooo and ahh still
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Some of my colleagues have them, they aren't for everybody, price-wise and technology wise. They are still using the same interface as the very first Nokia's. I noticed when I held one, that they are pretty bulky and heavy, and STURDY as all hell. Some models come with sapphire keys and other things. These phones are more for those who value high-end, exclusive things. They already have an iPhone or Blackberry or whatever is being used these days, and want a Vertu for what it is.

When I said sturdy, I wasn't kidding:

Flame Test

Screen Strength Test

Torque Test

There is a bunch of other ones, but I'm too lazy to look them up. Those above are my favorites..
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I had one a few years ago. there was a high-end watch shop that sold them. They were $4999 in store, but i got it for 2500 since I also bought a Hublot at the same time. Ultimately it wasn't worth it. At the end of the day, you're the only one that knows how expensive your *!%+ REALLY is. It was a cool phone, different, but for that price, i expect there to be a bj button on it too. Or when you press the concierge button there's an option for bj's. Or if it came with a voucher for a free bj behind your local Target. some *!%+ like that know what i'm saying
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