Sonics season starts tonight

Jun 25, 2006
Well as everyone knows the nba season has started and tonights the Seattle Sonics first game against the Trail Blazers so i was just wondering where do you guys think will win and where do you think the Sonics will end at the end of the season (divison champs, playoffs, ect..)???
After attending the game tonight, they're lottery bound. They let the Jailblazers score 110! Positives:

1. Ridnour may have finally turned the corner. He was a beast on defense with some huge steals and forcing a few turnovers. He also had 22 good points, many contested drives. He came up big.
2. Wilcox fouled out somehow (refs seemed a little antsy with him) but he had a big game as well.
3. Sene gave me a little hope in the middle with his long arms...then all hope was dashed when he hobbled off to the locker room. Wilcox was the only big man left worth a darn and he fouled out with a few minutes left.

THEY GAVE UP 110 TO THE BLAZERS AND MADE ZACH RANDOLPH LOOK LIKE AN ALL-STAR. Absolutely horrendous defense. You should be able to win with five of your first six guys well into double figures.

This team is done, and based on the obnoxious Brandon Roy circle-jerk in the crowd tonight, Seattleites are already making the switch to rooting for Portland.
tonight was pretty bad...

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Sucks they lost but like the man above me said, it's 1 game. I mean, Miami lost by 42. I still think the Sonics can make a run at the playoffs
Even though sonics lost

B-Roy :pimp:

My man the smooth criminal out there...
for some reason I couldnt watch the seemed dead. I dont know if it was the game itself, or Lenny Wilkins. Im not complaining(yet) cause he's definitely a step up from Ehlo. And watching some of those old games on FSN really makes me miss Marques Johnson with Collabro...that was such a good combo.
As for the season...its too soon to tell. Let 'em get about 10 games under their belt, and I'll have some thoughts on it then......
Just look at it as 10 more pounds of awesomeness
I agree with you on Lenny Wilkins. He's supposed to be the color guy but he doesn't get you excited like Marques Johnson used to
Lenny Wilkins is the most boring man alive. I don't understand what he brings to the table. At least Ehlo riled up my emotions by making me really angry everytime he opened his mouth. As for the Sonics, I think they'll be fine as long as they can get a big man in for at least most of the game...
Wilkins knows his stuff...he's just dull. I think the game itself was kinda dull too though
Just look at it as 10 more pounds of awesomeness
Whats up Alex!
Marques Johnson with Collabro
....way better then what they have now.

I dont think they are going to do much this year and it hurts...but it was only the first game....I wait to pass judgement on them.
EXILE ur avy is nice....

game was ok just sonics like stop trying at the end
i was hoping that ehlo was sick of course lenny knows his stuff he knows how to play the game of basketball and what to do in situations probably better then anyone since he is the most winningest coach but it seems like Calabro was doing all the talking and then lenny since he OBVIOUSLY dosnt know how to call games he would just agree with everything Calabro said but i think the sonics wont end at the last in the division just cause they lost the first game dosent make me think there out of it but they did make randolph look like an allstar and made the blazers look like playoff contenders
Collabro was best announcer in sports, he will still do some games this year but I heard today only like 10-12 which sucks. Johnson was dope too, everytime I see him though I think of his part in White Men Can't Jump though "Im going to my car, Im getting my OTHER gun"

At least Luke played some D, but he was forcing it. What REALLY worries me is we have no big man worth a damn. Bring back Donaldson.
Team Negrodamus​
i was at the game and i thought it was hella exciting. maybe it was just my section but the crowd was into it, kinda. most sonics fans (whats left of them) dont really believe in the team and of course nobody around the league thinks anything of them but i think they can win their division. i know they lost but i still like the pieces.

ps. portland is not as bad as people think.
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Green Feen you gotta be kidding me, the Blazers are going to be okay at best this year and your city is only slightly above Spokane on the coolness scale.
Team Negrodamus​
Green Feen you gotta be kidding me, the Blazers are going to be okay at best this year and your city is only slightly above Spokane on the coolness scale.


Anybody going to the 2nd game on Sunday? I like the team we have. I don't think we can win a championship with it but winning the division isn't out of the question. They ended last season pretty well and even though they lost on Wednesday, it's only the first game. 81 left and once the Sonics take these 2 against the Lakers.........
portland over seattle? made me spit my soda out.

portland=most garbage "major" city in the nation.

now that is truth, nuff said.
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your city is only slightly above Spokane on the coolness scale.

but anyways even tho the lakers are lookin really good this year and is 2-0 WITHOUT kobe i'll still stick with the sonics to win but even if we lose i think it will be a close game
seattle died with kurt but hey atleast you still have starbucks thats the next best thing you've given the world and you took it by storm seattle, you took it by storm!

C'mon Portland's better than spokane, I think it's better than Seattle too but maybe thats because we're into the simplier life down here, not all wrapped up in ourselves. Don't take things to seriously you know.

However Spokane does have HoopFest and all I know is that in 97/98 it was the @#%$. And exile your avy is G-hard.
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and so, what was all that negative talk about portland, hahaha?

nah, j/k. i'm a transplant to the pacific northwest. socal is my home, lakers are my team, and i'd sure support the sonics before the blazers. but... portland is still the spot since it's my new home and all.

do any of you really think all this crazy talk about allen moving the blazers to washington will happen?

and on a side note, i visited seatlle for a few days a month ago and here are the ONLY things seattle has over portland:

convenience and much more to do
less ignorant, people
more progressive people
better job market
GOODS (capitol wasn't all that when i visited)
sales tax (really oregon, we need it)
wider availability to sneakers
grey's anatomy

other than that, our women are much more beautiful, less traffic, pub transportation, best college on earth (my school, oregon state), friendlier people, none of that fast life seattle has, back roads in/out of the city, and i guess apparently a better ball club (blazers)

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