South Beach Lebron 9

Joined Jul 27, 2012
Guy sold me these South Beaches. The blue laces do have the pink tips with the signature and the lebron symbol on the sole is grey but other features dont match. He claims they are real so help.
Joined May 3, 2013
Pulled my pair from NDC out just to be sure. The pull tabs were the first clue. When they lay down like that on any Lebron 9 it's a clue that they're fakes. The grey stitching on the pink upper lace eyelets shouldn't be there. The mesh netting at the ankles shouldn't be so shiny. The font is off where it says FLYWIRE. I see a lot of stitching that's not supposed to be there. Get your money back if you can. They are decent replicas, but they are replicas. 
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Joined May 30, 2013
Fake. As soda pointed out there are many flaws, but the dead give away is the mesh on the sides. It shouldn't be that see through or "glossy" also, that carbon fiber is WAY off, it shouldnt look like a checker board. And the swoosh should be elevated, but on this pair it's flat. The pull tabs on the back should be angled up, they shouldn't be pointed down. Get your money back.
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Joined Jan 16, 2013
well they are fake, and badly fake, flat swoosh?? hahah ya shoulda never bought them
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