South Florida what barbershop do you go to?

Mar 23, 2004
I get my hair cut at Krazy Kuts, the only other place I know of is Big Tymers, but that place is way too far from me. What other places are out there?
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Ay I go to Total Image rite cross the street from Carol Mart Flea Market for all my Carol City people. Holla at Mark when u go there he's a cool @#%$ Jamiacan. I get my brads done at The Flea tho if it aint go no one to do for me fa free.

I heard Zo's pushes your hairline back. is it true?
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i go to outliners on 67 ave right of 826 they do my hair justice..never thought i would trust heads down here with my hair coming from ny and all about 7 months ago...i had the same barber for 6 years...go figure
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pacino's on 10th and military in lake worth, ask about trix or paul
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started off for many years at Chinos ... used to be on lejune and like 2nd or 3rd SW .. by Kinloch, followed them for a while, then ended up with what used to be my #1 barber Andy at westchester, he moved to NC. Now my new barber is Lester at Westchester, *****h gives some killer fades and takes care of you ... trim my T without asking or side burns when i have them

Westchester is on 87av and coral way, there in the toys r us, next to the dunkin donuts, ll the way by the flat screen tv ...

btw, any folks here go to fade masters on flager and 12av ? i hear its all a hype becuz of pitbull ... just wondering ... plus i hear they tax ... 15 dollar a cut plus 5 extra for a tape ... not sure on that, just rumors
just moved to pembroke pines area anybody know spots around here for shapeups and fades??

Hit up Krazy Kuts

Sheridan Street. and Flamingo next to the Dunkin Donuts.

I suggest you go to Dre or Nelson.
Shoot.. i cut hair at 152 ave and 56 st sw . i take care of my people...ask about me..if it means anything i cut D wade up a couple times and Dorrel on a regular basis...but since the championship theyve been ghost ...hahahha
i go to cut-n-corners on douglas and pembroke.
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