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I'm doing a project for my Spanish class, where I need to lip sync a song in Spanish. What are some good songs that are completely in Spanish?
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gasolina?..nah we aint f__ing with that....get yourself some Cypress favorite is i wanna get high(Yo quiero fumar)...or you could sing that Big PunPuerto Rico joint..i think only the hook is in spanish tho
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El Torito - Vuelve Mi Reina

El Torito is like the king of Bachata.

You can also do...

Sergio Vargas - Dile

Dude is family, so you'd be showing support
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Corridos is the easy route... Get yourself some Ramon Ayala, Tigres del Norte or Tucanes de Tijuana.

Now if you want rap go with some spanish artist like Violadores del Verso (very intricate rhymes), SFDK (has that Sevilla accent), Ivan Nieto, Costa or YakoMuñoz.
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it'd probably be best to go with a slow song.... especially if you're doing a presentation in spanish class... why not go with aventura or marc anthonyor something?

aventura- el perdedor o mi corazoncito

marc anthony- contra la corriente or something

oscar de leon- lloraras

zacarias ferreira- dime que falto o es tan dificil

all these songs are MAD popular and probably half the class will know them
making the presentation probably less akward

and very simple
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i have HUNDREDS of spanish songs, from pedro infante to los cuisillos, old school, new school ect..

what kind you looking for? i can try to help you out

edit: how about this song? its pretty popular and I'm sure your teacher will know it!

wont let me imbed so here..
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dudes coming thru wiht some narcoridos in here

well spanish is a wide genre ,

jefe de jefes-tigres del norte,
suavemente- elvis crespo,
pretty much any song by "mana"
a dios le pido- juanes
la camisa negra-jaunes

thats a pretty diverse list, a little bit of eveyrthing
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Los Del Rio - Macarena (Full Spanish Version)... you can do the dance as well.

Pepe Aguilar (con Banda) - Lamberto Quintero or Cruz de Madera

Vicente Fernandez - El Rey

Los Tucanes de Tijuana - Mis Tres Animales

There's a lot of spanish music... Luis Miguel, Jose Jose, Jose Alfredo Jimenez... it depends what genre you want.
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Originally Posted by jrdnkiks213

Originally Posted by wanksta23

Originally Posted by jrdnkiks213

Los Tucanes de Tijuana - Mis Tres Animales
that's not appropriate

but i bet 95% of the class wont understand it anyway
Dude's just talking about his collection of..
go ask your pops what that song actually means my dude
I remember my friend playing that song in the backround in one of his keynotes and the teacher just had the
face the entire time...she was pretty mad
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this thread is hilarious.
Calle 13-Un Beso de Desayuno
, it has that nice rhythm to it. It might make you want to dance.
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Originally Posted by MikeTysontheKiller

this thread is hilarious.
Calle 13-Un Beso de Desayuno
, it has that nice rhythm to it. It might make you want to dance.
the stuff these guys talk about is just ridiculous
los aburridos
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^'Que vendeeeeeen mis animaaaaaaaaaaales, más que hamburguesas en el McDonalds'

If your teacher is mexican I don't recommend you singing that song
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