Spizikes in Houston??

you might want to check out Avante at Northline he gets them earlier too!! i forgot the website to check to see if they were getting them but you can call them up!
Cutting to the chase, whoever got DMP's, likely will get the Spizikes.
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Thanx for the info people, i had someone pickup my pair from Shieks today :smokin
Cutting to the chase, whoever got DMP's, likely will get the Spizikes.

^^^ useless info |I
Were there any long lines for those who copped at the store?

I ordered mine from finishline.com
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this might be my first post but im not sure but anyways my super hypebeast patna got them from finishline at first colony. (the reason i call him a hypebeast is because when we were in shiekhs i copped some pennys then he copped some premium forces i think they are called chocolates and then we went to finishline and next thing u know he walk out the store all supicious like he stole something talking about come on walking fast. he was like they have the spikes so he straight took the forces back then dropped two bills on them ugly shoes sayin he gon sale em. i was like why u gon take some shoes u like back and get some more expensive shoes u dont like) beast mode
If you wanted these and put the slightest effort into finding them, you should have been able to get your pair. I strolled into a nearby shop at 2 in the afernoon and got a pair.

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You guys can still get the Spiz'ikes @ retail. Here is the Champs SKU 01-00572-904-size. Take this to Champs and have them stock locate them for you. Just to let you guys know in case some of you missed out.
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