spots in boynton, miami

Feb 22, 2006
well tomorow i am leavin to go a place in miami called boynton. i dont know if anyone knows this place but i think yal should.

anyways i will be there for a week and i wanna know some GOOD Jordan spots? or nike spots etc?

please gimme some info on some good spots for KICKS and CLOTHES and will i get nice DREAM USA plain tees up there? like whtie tees etc etc?
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Boyton Beach is not in Miami. As a matter of fact, its far from there. If you want SB's in the area, go to Island Water Sports on Hillsborough Blvd and A1A
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hmmm ok i must of hear wrong then lol but thnx. anymore spots for jays? air forces?
Work Like A Slave 'N' Eat Like A King
boynton, miami :lol:

but forreal though....ain't no places over here to get jay's or forces except the mall if you wanna check that out :smh:
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