Star Wars Universe Thread, Ep 9 The Rise of Skywalker 12/19/19

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Its just certain details and the comment section that got me.

It's becoming an internet consensus that Lucasfilm should've went with George's story and outline :lol:

Like George feeling his way:

"Iger indicated with creative control no longer in Lucas' hands, when Disney first met to discuss the future of the franchise with Lucas, director J.J. Abrams, screenwriter Michael Arndt and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy at Skywalker Ranch, he expressed disappointment "that his story was being discarded." Lucas even balked at the lack of originality in The Force Awakens, making it clear this isn't what he had in mind."

:lol: George knows
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Breakdown and background vids.
Personal thoughts: GL's story would have been wack. But maybe set with more original ideas and themes.
I'm old school Original Trilogy, know the Prequels were for next generation, and the Sequels are for current generation. They are not for me.
Just want a decent story to end the Saga and some cool bad guy stuff to keep my interest.

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Smartest thing KK has done since she's been running things :pimp:

Son might make me fall in love with the franchise if he gives me the Infinity War/Endgame equivalent for Star Wars.
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This is EXACTLY why Disney >>>>>>> George.

JJ, Rian, Gareth, GoT, Feige, even Ron Howard. Everybody gets something.
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So I'll be the first one to put it out there....... this is not going to go how we expect
Does anybody even really know what to expect out of SW anymore though? Cautiously optimistic should be as excited as someone can be for anything involving SW nowadays except for the truly DIE-HARD fanatics.
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