Starting the %!+$ over UNappreciation Vol. Relationships FTL

Joined Mar 26, 2006
It always looks greener no matter what situation I am in. When I am in a relationship (which I am in currently) being single sounds so fun. But when you are single, it is never as fun as it seems, and you want to find a gf.
Joined Jul 31, 2007
Feeling sucks though starting over, but you can still learn from the experience and to apply that to your next one relationship.

Anyways it's normal to be heated over it, take some time just focusing yourself and to sort out your thoughts. Gradually get back into the run of things and realize now you got more time to improve yourself overall as a person. You can go hit the gym, acquire currency, and just chill.
Joined Jun 10, 2006
So what's the story? Instagram? Did you snap a pic your girl didn't wanna see? There's gotta be more to this, a day isn't long enough to trip over.
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Some girl on my instagram took a picture in a bikini and my girl was like "oh so your looking at half naked women!?" "delete her." I told her I'm not deleting no one over a post picture that was posted to the general public not sent directly to me. It's no point. Then she started on this whole "I'm disrespecting her" thing. I gave up my twitter account out of respect for her because she believed all I did was talk to girls on there when in actuality I talked to NT anyway. I told her I'm not deleting anyone else or anything period when you have a Facebook I've never even seen. (she claims it just family I know that's BS)

Then she tripped the day before over one of my good friends that I've know for 10+ years texting me saying hello are you up. I've known her my whole life and it's nothing like that. I've never had any relationships with her at all. She told me she had a crush on me awhile back but that's it.

!$*+ is just cray all the way around NT. But I don't feel as if I did anything wrong for her to be acting like this.
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I'm in the same boat with you op .. chill big homie .. juss take deep breaths pick up were u left off before her and do you ..
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See the thing is I'm not upset she's gone it just didn't work out I'm just tripping about the fact that I have to start over that's all it sucks.
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You will be alright just gonna fight through it...bigger then being on a big L streak of getting rejected
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I can feel you op. Currently going through this. Yea I do what I want to do, but it's mad hard trying to even meet decent women, let alone start anything serious. Just gotta try and stay positive.
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She was just looking for a reason to leave or she's extremely immature

You'll be fine, shouldn't want to be around anyone right now
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My girls just broke up with me and I don't know what to do
We were together two years.
How do I cope with this. I'm acting like a B and crying I hate it
Joined Jun 5, 2008
Its been 2 weeks for me... damn

I feel lonely as hell today...but that might be cuz I havent made plans yet.

Things been going good for me at least... I smashed a long time female friend last saturday, had a date with a broad off twitter the day before...then last night I kicked it some homegirls for a bday and messed around with the twitter broad after she bought me some Arab food

but deep down inside, I know that attachment you had to the other person can be passed onto the new person, and I won't let it happen this time
I do feel myself wanting to cuddle and be affectionate with the twitter chick, she's cute and short like my ex...but it's been 2 weeks
! I won't break, you shouldn't either.
Joined Aug 13, 2006
i broke up with my girl a month ago.. at first i was forever alone but now i got a steady stream and i'm even smashing my coworker who's married with kids

it gets better OP

...hi Karsten
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