Stow Lake

Apr 26, 2007
It is rumored that if someone goes to Stow Lake at night, weird occurrences will take place. People tell me stories that the lady comes up from the lake, the statue that is there comes to life, or a lady will come up to you and ask you, have you seen my baby.

People have reported if they drive there with their friends in a lot of cars, all their cars will stall at the same time. Some people say they saw the lady coming up from the lake and going towards them. Another rumor is said that, if someone says White lady, white lady, I have your baby three times, the lady will appear right in front of them. Shell ask you, Have you seen my baby? If you say yes, shell haunt you and if you say no, shell kill you. Its a lose-lose situation. It is believed that this lady is dressed in white with her hair and clothes wet. If anyone walks around Stow Lake at night, beware of the White Lady!

have u guys been ther? if so did u guys experiance anything wierd?? or seen anything?? alot of ppl say it really isnt haunted..but im not sure...just the road up ther creeps me out lol

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i used to go there all the time when i was young. nothing ever happend except for scaring ourselves
nothing happens..........we even hiked up the trails in the middle of the night just to :pimp:

does gets kinda creepy tho, there were some people with us that was ready to @#%$ in their pants
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lol, look out for the white lady.

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if i was ever homeless i would just set up shop out there to scare the HELL out of high school kids...
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^^the only thing scary at Stow lake at night are the homeless people sleeping in the bushes. I've heard the rumors of the lady that appears out of nowhere and asks if anyone has seen their baby. But the three times I've tried it, nothing has happened. Now one thing that is kind of interesting is the Ross downtown. There's an old man who is always walking around the store...Supposedly he passed away in the building years before Ross bought it. Since then he's been known to wander up and down the store...Majority at the third floor..Check it out...
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my friends went to stow lake last holloween and said they did have weird thing when they were there they heard all kinds of noises..also they happend to did see a white image floating in the distance and it would slowly fade as they got closer..last they took pictures while there and in a couple pics there were floating lights around them..the lights are known as "orbs" which are energy givin off by spirits..word to silvia brown :lol:
..glad i didnt go i would probably @#%$ my pants.. :lol:
By "weird things" you mean encountering San Francisco's local homeless.
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There's a gravity hill in Vallejo too...I remember back in HS we tried it and it actually worked.
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as others have said, nothing happens except you+your buds have the opportunities to act afool and spook each other.

there are other urban legend type spots in the park and around SF, but it's getting dangerous around most of them cuz of some of the more disturbed homeless folks and other hooligans on the streets, so i'll keep the stories/spots to myself.

i ain't tryin to rule y'all's fun, but, for real, be careful in the park late night. you can get in some real trouble messing around where/when you shouldn't be. not trying to bag on homeless folks either, but a lot of them out there ain't up on them even by accident and it might not end up too good.
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