Stressing Vol. What else is new?


Apr 3, 2004
I'm pissed at my ole G. What's got you working the 3rd shift on NT?
my brothers got arrested for stealing / fighting today.. dont really care about that..
but when my moms went down to the precinct they told her they think we're runnin drugs thru the house.. and im just not understanding where the +@$% theygot that from. i can't stand when people, especially cops, assume !$*! about me.. or those around me when they have nothing to base those assumptions offof.

oh and my girl cant afford to keep her house or phone on.. and i cant find a damn job to help her out. i rather just go out there and stay with her til shegoes but i dont have the money for that.
@ dr bills

not really stressed.. just mad. feel like deckin' someone right now.
Damn Jawny... this is me sending you a hug through the modem. You need it G. Prolly more than me
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