...Stretched out T-Shirt Collars UNAppreciation...

Joined Aug 2, 2004
I hate it when I find a t-shirt that's
but the damn collar is toowide...

Wassup with all these brands investing in horrible quality collars..


Joined Apr 7, 2009
It's because some fat !@! tried on that shirt knowing damn well it was too small
. Stretching out the collar for nothing
Joined Feb 28, 2007
i wish there was some way to "shrink" the collars somehow.

i have a couple good shirts that were ruined because of this. my cousin has a big !$% head and he put on of my more expensive tees, and by the time he put iton and took it off the collar was dangling like a wizard's sleeve
Joined Jun 16, 2008
Originally Posted by inspektahdeck

i hate when the cashier removes the hanger through the collar of the shirts
@ you buying t-shirts that have been hung...

Proper stores fold em.
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