Stussy Sample Sales

Dec 18, 2005
sup fellow socal NTers. i couldnt find the thread for stussy sales, anyway heres the heads up:

Saturday, April 14
Beckman High School
3588 Bryan Ave
Irvine, CA
Like any other Stussy sale, it goes from 10AM-2PM.

I myself will not be able to go, so I figured this may help a few of you out there who will be free that day.

Anyone with other upcoming sale dates please post here. Thanks.
man i wish i can cop some tees but im saving up that paper for now

yea like mike23 said get there pretty early i was there maybe almost 2 hrs early and honestly the line usually gets outta hand with a lotta of people cutting to the front anyways
man i just remember i have traffic school that day so i cant go. But thanks for the help guys.
^ I don't think there were ever flyers for Stussy Sales... (not 100%)

I always thought they were 'word of mouth' type of sales.

I could be wrong though. :b
Marty x Doc x Biff
damn..8.50 for tees? Sounds like a deal. Whens the next one in the LA area? Any info is appreciated, thx in advance!NT REFS:Jfreak23 ,ahliang119,sneakapimpz, eye of hazel,a bathing chuck, moonrokk,pcp123,iwearairjordan ,jua17oi3,OBE4sick,dabirdman310,j23t.use tvvism,y0uNgNdAnG3RoUs723,XI SHINE XI,heyitsdexter, s0lexstatus,Solefanatic23,bmats23,aznjackie724,SunDOOBIE, etc
they aren't sample's more like old stuff sales
sometimes they are busy but sometimes they are not
i usually go whenever..2 hours early though?!
damn i go like at 12 and they still have lot's of ishhhh
you don't have to be that early to get decent stuff
i live right down the street. but yeahh its mostly the older vintage styles. pretty tight still tho
they usually have any new era caps? and what sizes do they usually have?
^thanks for the quick response mike23theking, looks like i wont be heading there then
theres always a lil flyer for the sale they always have like a couple laying around the cashier desk for different places and stuff theres not really and sample just a bunch of defected tee's if u dun wanna wait in line go around 9 if u got all day show up anytime before 2
I don't collect J's I can't afford them
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