Apr 10, 2007
i was unfortuantely diagnosed with tailors bunion. i need to find wide basketball shoes. the widest possible but the most comfrotable as well
dude, this bunion kills man. im in stage 2 and its really irritated. cant get surgery cause i got no health insurance
Try one of the Dr. Scholls pads on that bunion. That could provide some cushioning. Might be best to take it easy for a while the irritation lets up a bit.
new balance sells hoops shoes in widths. I would imagine they would make the widest shoes you can find to ball in.

also, zk1s are fairly wide...and some here have commented that the zk2s are very wide. though i cannot speak from experience on those.
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cant get surgery cause i got no health insurance
Jordan 18 is my far the widest basketball shoe I've ever had - if it's a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, then I'd say the ZK1 is about an 8, the ZK2 is about a 7 and the Lebron IV is about a 7, for what that is worth.
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yeh sizing up is not an option. i play ball often and i cant play in bigger kicks. makes me feel awkward. i have lebron IV's and they are not wide enough. ill try to find some zk1's. not really feeling the way the jordan 18's look but i guess beggers cant be choosers.
Dude, I just looked up what a tailors bunion is, and your best bet is to try on several pairs of shoes of all brands to see what is going to work for you. Also, try to pad that area some to keep from irritating the area. I'd stay away from any of the minimalist looking shoes like the new zoom b-ball shoes and such.
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ok thanks for all the help and support. dont kno who the moderator is but u can lock this thread up. thanks
jordan 18.5 or jordan 18 widest pair of shoes i've ever owned
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