tattoo/photoshop help

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im thinking about getting a cover up and i need something that is pretty big and dark.I might need to add some shading or something around the shoulders of dude and above him but,the things i wanted to remove/change are the helmet i dont want  that joker looking helmet more of a roman gladiator type thing.the loincloth has got to go, also im kinda thinking about sometype of armor maybe keeping the loincloth but changing it to a different type that one just looks +#!* ...also the layers of clouds around the wings need to far as colors go i really like just the black and grey but i think it might look better with colors so im not sure.Other then the leopards being realistic as far as the color im really open to ideas on most of it so if any one has any suggestions let me know.I dont know how much you can and cant do with photoshop ive never used it, but if you can try the things i mentioned id appreiciate it.thanks
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