TED.com: Hire the Hackers!

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There was a Feakonomics podcast several months ago on the underground hacker culture and the reselling black market.  It fascinates me why companies don't jump at the opportunity to hire these people.  That's what happened with Frank Abagnale and it turned out great for both sides.


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Nice speech, i wish i knew more about coputer/ computer networks so i could have gotten
more out of the technical part of his speech.
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Wouldn't this encourage people to hack even more? Alternatively, we should use ones in jail already to work for us (if we don't do that already).
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Companies ARE hiring these people. Atleast, they're hiring the sensible ones. This has been a common practice already.

Look at some of the major Iphone hackers, like c0mex an geohot. They were taken up by companies in the blink of an eye.

Wouldn't this encourage people to hack even more?
The encouragement is always there. Whenever you have some type of security, there will always be people who want to challenge it and see how it works. Hackers are mostly beneficial to the companies, because they expose the vulnerabilities.
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