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Jun 26, 2002
I have a link for every damn phone provider except Telus, I'm in dire need of a new cellphone and the one I'm specifically looking for everyone I know has links but with other carriers and I'm not moving my service to another provider.

Get @ me.
^^ get at me. My boy from Halifax works at the eaton centre location. not sure what he can do, but ill def ask him

let me know what ya need
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right now there's that new rule where if u switch providers u can keep your same number. so a lot of providers are having deals and promotions to keep their clients..

my girl and pops got the krzr for $120, no strings attached like signing contract extensions n what not
Are you able to get a Telus phone (i.e. from RedFlagDeals or HowardForums) and do an ESN change (or whatever the hell they call it nowadays) to transfer your # to it, since it's not GSM/Sim card status.


Damn, I just lost my phone and wanted to get a new one off ebay or something and get a nice deal with a new provider.......Was thinking Rogers.....I was with Bell before through one of my parentals work....Can I still switch the number over or is that a no go?
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Anyone able to unlock an SK3? Really need one, Fido needs to do one.
Also, AMP'D Mobile is coming to Canada this year, a podcaster I know works for them.
I hope they get some non-generic phones.

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^ Amp'd is already here. They've linked with Telus, and launched on LNP date. I'm not sure, but you can try Bongo Wireless for unlocking a SK3. They did BlackBerry devices pretty early. Compared to other people. I'm still trying to get my hands on a D. Wade SK3, for use in the states, if it was unlocked that would be a bonus. I'll let you know if I find anyone though.
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You're not unlocking a SK3 and using it on another carrier. It's locked to T-Mobile and is OS-specific. The phone cannot be unlocked, period.

As for Fido ever getting the HT3. I say never. They pretty much chose the Nokia E62 as a data device over the HT3.
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