The Game(rapper) pushing my friend in a game of hoop

Dec 8, 2003
I dont know if this should be in sports and training or not so move if necessary.


my dude Kyle was lighting his +!+ up and game got mad butt hurt. hahah� He's a D1 hooper tho so that's probably why.
his player profile:
reminds me of when I was younger and would go hoop at the park in thehood with all the thugs and would hold back and not bust they @*& because they would get mad and swing on you!
dude is a clown you hear storys all the time about him and his clown *!@ crew trying to thug people at pick up games in the LA area. from leauge games,SMC,westLA and UCLA
I hate dudes like that. U gettin scorched, no need to fight about it.
Game is cheeks in hoops
I heard game was about to go to uw to play but got kicked out because of drugs... I don't believe that though....
when did he push him? the beginning? thats all i saw. and those must be some big dudes playing cuz the game is a big dude and he dosent even look that big
Oh damn that is Oxnard (Class of '07!). That's my boy Justin at the end of the vid in the red plaid
some rec league in so cal. my boy already played his 4 years and graduated. he's trying to get signed overseas.

nah i'm from the bay i met him in college. did he light your %%% up too? hahah.
What was the premise of this game? Stars vs. locals?

And yeah Game was going to play at Washington State but got kicked out 1st semester for selling weed
what kinda league is this? I need something like this in my area.

@ no-game getting hurt cause he got deed.

not that id be takin it to the streets or nothing. once the game was over id be like PEEACE! & be out.
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