The Game(rapper) pushing my friend in a game of hoop

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i think it's a league called west coast pro basketball league. ventura jets vs. the hollywood shooting stars. so i guess you gottta be legit to play in it.
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Originally Posted by Bigmike23

dude is a clown you hear storys all the time about him and his clown *!@ crew trying to thug people at pick up games in the LA area. from leauge games,SMC,west LA and UCLA
I met sway at the AMC in Woodland Hills a couple years back, he told me game use to always ball at El Camino High School on the weekends so hecould bust on weak white kids. I've spotted game a couple times at the CSUN gym too.
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He is the guy who is getting scorched all game. So he tries and fight or say the guy checking him keeps fouling.

I hate those guys

Props to ur boy for lighting him up

Thats My Word

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alright, alright....good sportsmanship, good sportsmanship...there's children around...good sportsmanship...
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Originally Posted by DaNiKeRhiNo

The game shoots like this girl I know.

For the record, she doesn't even play basketball.
Also for the record... that looked like a clean blockfrom that angle.


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Originally Posted by xXJaguar25Xx

Game's form is close to Shawn Marions

i was thinking that too...

w/ all the Game vids ive seen, hes always talking about hes good and stuff....
that drive was PURE freshman highschool....

and i bet, Game is like the KG to the team, making everyone on the squad act tough.....

at Game checking that one girl out...
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I had a "Game" at my gym yesterday

Dude was talkin' mad reckless until me and my cousins squad hit them with a 12-4 route

After that, dude was ghost
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