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Nov 2, 2004
Sale starts Friday, May 25th at 12:00PM.If you are interested in selling shoes on our 15% consignment, email your list to . The shoes must be either BRAND NEW or very close. Include your name, phone number and email address. I will contact you to discuss pricing and the policy.
Y'all dudes got old sneakers, but we got OLD sneakers!

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u doing consignment... ?

i have things to sell and we rite down the road from each other.. drop me a pm on what day is good.. I have alot to drop off

love it
Do ya thing youngin!
you live by Oddisee //Amir?
familiar with him?
one of the only local music cats i look up too

*getting back on topic*
cant make it gotta chase the dream...
"as simple as kicks and teesdoing what you doshine to me"
Yess Sirrr......
This is going to be so clutch for summer.....

Ronizsofly AKA Deebo
will be in attendance with lots of heat for sz 11-12
the inventory will be similar to flight club (with more reasonable prices).

i have a wide variety of OG nikes (specifically mid-90s, agassis, pennys, pippens, griffeys...etc), jordans, SBs (multiple supremes, tiffanys, j-rods, etc), air force 1s, air max's, reeboks, pumas, adidas, euro and releases...and anything else you can think of.

theres tons of selection in every size from 3-13, with probably 300+ items.

thats just the sneak preview.

if anyone has purchased anything from me in the past or been to a previous sale, they can vouch for the quality and selection of my inventory...

and even if you don't wanna buy anything, just stop through to show support and network a little.

hope to see everybody there.

DIZZYY'all dudes got old sneakers, but we got OLD sneakers!GET DIZZY: The Online StoreDIZZY on Myspace
Did my research.

What's up with the location dow?

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I might show up with my dudovski...

Dont remember last time i bought a pair of sneakers.
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^^^I could tell by the ones you were rockin' at the Tournament...Soft Roasted Marshmallow joints...

Maybe your last pair was the Military 4s...infamous pic coming soon.
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When I read about the location .. I was a bit skeptical.
I know the owner and aware of his hustle ( basically just graduated College and opened up his own shop/buesiness)

the location is awkward.. U have to walk up some metal steps to go up.. old frederick/ Richmond joints

but inside is dope.. comfortable.. tv's and music. Chill spot and all

The barbers cant cut for crap.. I know people who left zeeked.. but yet again.. we are spanish..

Now for the people who go in.. they H.S sheerwood kids.. and some rock icecreams.. so it may be new to them..but dont be fooled.. they got guap.

I live 2-3 miles away.. Just a skip from my crib.. if they get decent sales.. I wouldnt mind bringing in things for consignment/trade.. But.. I need to know.. That Im going to get my $$ or shoes back if they cant sell or whatever the case may be.. Pull an ISS move on me.

and the best part of this place.. Theres a beer and wine store across the street :pimp:
love it
Ridiculous stock!

Most likely u won't leave dissapointed!

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I hope folks don't take this to heart, but some of the comments in here are what others have talked about in the past- All the HYPE MAN posts.

Shouts to Dizzy for coming back through and giving us a real look at what to expect. All the "serious heat" & "crazy dope fresh kicks" posts are worthless.

haha the infamous pic..

I balled in Grapes also but they were 2 uncomfortable for me..
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We are in the process of setting up the account so that we can take credit and debit cards, but at this point we are only accepting cash. The credit system should be up and running in the very near future.

Sorry for any inconvenience, however, there will be immediate access to an ATM machine.

By the way, I just got in another wave of inventory. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised.
Y'all dudes got old sneakers, but we got OLD sneakers!GET DIZZY: The Online StoreDIZZY on Myspace
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