The kind of Black women I am attracted to

Joined Apr 1, 2009
First chick looks like Mark Jones from ESPN. I like long hair that's not dreaded.

Second chick has dreads. I like long hair that's not dreaded and hippie chicks like that annoy me.

Joined Jan 22, 2008
I see what your saying but the young black revolutionary/ don't eat swine type chicks get old quick.

Just give me just a regular black chick.
Joined Sep 1, 2009
ummm what exactly makes these women better than any other woman?

these broads suck, %*$%, cook and clean like any other woman... why are they queens?
cause theyre "educated"?
can they make you laugh your hardest?
can they make you happy when your sad?

you dont know. so dont go around labeling these normal #$! !!%!!%% for something theyre not.
those are some regular %!*! %!@##.
Joined May 14, 2004
Good looking ERACISM. I could definitely get with some women like that, I'm not really feeling that wack !+* scene though. What are some typical vegan spots, music, and jingoisms I could use to be comfortable without being a part of that community?
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