The Matrix Appreciation Thread vol. Take the red pill

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Who didn't like this movie? One of my all-time favorites, and a movie for the masses that actually got people to think about the world they live in. The concepts and constructs of the Matrix, they are real. Too many great scenes to mention, but the part where Morpheus is being interrogated was the realest part of the film (Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet)

Agent Smith
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Didnt like Matrix Revolutions but the first one is the best of the series.
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My girl STILL hasnt seen any of them, or the lord of the rings, or STARWARS. We started starwars and are on A New Hope but sometimes im sad to say she knows no good sagas or trilogys. twilight doesnt count.
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Great movie that goes down in history. Pretty sure it was the first movie to use that special form of filming. Was it bullet-time? The second and third movie were trash. Did not like the direction they took it one bit.
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First one had me thinking about having De Ja Vu's....What's with Larry Wachoski having a sex change operation changing from man to woman?
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This is one of those movies ill be watchin forever and my grandkids will be making fun of how bad the quality is and be askin what a dvd player is

The whole concept is crazy. Always gets me thinkin
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Arguably the most important film of the last 20 years. I just wish the sequels were on par with the OG. 


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The first film has me wishing I could delete it from my mind each time so that I can be mindblown all over 10 greatest sic-fi action movies of all time...Agent Smith's swag in the black suit is astronomical...appreciate the trilogy, regardless of the bad rep of the other 2 films
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i watched it when i was young, and really only liked it for the action scenes. when neo went through the metal detector

then i watched it when i was a bit older and realized how dope it really was
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