The Neptunes with Snoop or Jay Appreciation

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Neptunes & forgot

La La La
Blue Magic
Gotta Have It
***** Please
Ballad for a Fallen Soilder

all heatrocks
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Beautiful music :pimp:

Great chemistry with these collabs... That Girl, Lets Get Blown, & Beautiful are some of my favorite tracks with Snoop. Allure is also my favorite Jay track :smokin

Most have been posted, but gotta show love to this one too -

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I had to post twice! This was crazy too! The Neptunes  made hits! if u had production from P  u had a hit!



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^ All collabs appreciated. Busta always rocked well w/ the Neptunes imo as well.
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I listened to "Let's Get Blown" the other day by chance, and it's like Snoop isn't even trying to rap in that ****.

Has a rapper ever done more with less than Snoop? With that said "Beautiful" is phenomenal.

"La La La" and "I Know" are the standouts to me here. I'm sure there are some I'm forgetting but I ***** with those 2 HEAVY.
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Funny. "Signs" was just on MTV Jams.

"She likes my tone, my cologne and the way i roll.....

You ain't no G"

Shout out to my G's in the Cologne Thread.
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