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thanks guys. tried clearing cache cookies and history, mobile and desktop browsers. still no go. diff cards, phone, email....only matching piece of info is billing/shipping address, so i guess that's what's flagging her entry.
open some post office adresses linked with your home address
thats what i do, i have -had, not sure if i kept them- more than 50 addresses linked to my home address, and they count like 1 different for each, but i don't use it for raffles, other needs
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Raffle list so far. Times are in EST

END (Closes on 23rd @ 8 PM & Emailed from 8 - 11 PM)
SNS (Closes on the 23rd @ 5 AM & Emailed After)
18MontRose (Closes on the 24th @ 5 AM & Emailed after)
Foot District (Closes on the 23rd @ 1 PM & Emailed @ 2 PM)
Urban Industry (Closes on the 23rd @ 8 AM & Emailed by 12 PM)
Slam Jam Socialism (Closes on the 22nd @ 1 PM & Emailed on the 23rd) SAS
Subtype (Called on the 24th)
Tres Bien (Contacted during week 13, guessing that's right around RD lol)
Fresh Cotton (Closes on the 22nd @ 8 PM)
Joined Dec 28, 2016
Unless ur botting good luck with that lol
Solebox too! botted:smh:
Solebox doesn’t get botted hard, I’ve had luck checking out there plenty of times.
Footpatrol used to get botted because they dropped on the app and their bots are app based, but recently they’ve been shutting down their app at drop time. There are a few bots that support the website but not many and they don’t work well.

The problem with both of the sites is getting stuck in the queue and once you get past the queue checking out without having the site crash constantly.

Both are possible manual though
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