The Official H-TOWN Post - Sneaker Summit WINTER 10 @ Meridian December 27th 2009

Dec 6, 2001

Taking a page from our boys in SA and the Big D, I have edited this post to create 'the Official H-TOWN post'.
Hopefully this will make things a bit more organized, and bring the local community closer together.
Feel free to drop info, questions, and contributions here.
I will try to keep all major local info posted on the front page and update the post title accordingly.
Therefore please check page 1 for updates often.
If you would like to contact me directly feel free to hit me up at or


We are pushing towards a huge Winter in H-Town this year with many great upcoming events...
Its that time of yearagain. email for more info.

-Saturday, November 7, 2009 Johnny Romano Skate Jam at South Side Skate Park

- Saturday, December 12th Peanut Butter Wolf



Check out a Brand New Show 'The Houston SportsRapp' as they wrap up the week in sports as well as the weekends prime time games. The H-Town Sneaker Summit will be doing a weekly 'Sneak Of TheWeek' segment where we 'rapp' about the biggest news in footwear that week. If you are unable to listen to the show live or stream the LIVE audioor webcam via listen via the weekly podcast


Nike House of HoopsNorthline and Galleria!

The long awaited Nike/Footlocker House of Hoops has finally found a home at Northline and Galleria shoppingmalls.

[h1]House Of Hoops Galleria
5015 Westheimer Rd #1450
Houston, TX.
[/h1][h1]House Of Hoops Northline
4400 North Fwy #B100
Houston, TX
Sneaker Spots In H-Town
and surrounding areas

(Tell them H-Town Sneaker Summit sent you!)
[h1]Premium Goods
2416 Times Blvd
Houston, TX. 77002
(713) 523-8825
[/h1][h1]Southside Skatepark
510 Iowa St
[/h1][h1]The Tipping Point
1212 Main @ Polk

[/h1][h1]SF2 North
215 W Greens Rd
(near Greenspoint Mall)
Houston, TX. 77067
[/h1][h1]SF2 Southwest
7204 Southwest Fwy
(near Greenspoint Mall)
Houston, TX. 77067
[/h1][h1]Artist Front
(carries Nike SB, Supra, Adidas Skateboarding, Cons, etc.)
2205 Washington Ave
Houston, TX. 77007
(832) 673-0200

[/h1][h1]Shannons StreetWaves
(carries Nike SB, Supra)
17776 State Highway 249
Houston, TX. 77064
(281) 890-5392
[/h1][h1]Source Boardshop
(carries Nike SB)
2511 Rice Blvd
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 520-8980
[/h1][h1]Active Athlete
713-738-1110 Fax
9428-A Cullen Blvd
Houston, Tx 77051
[/h1][h1]Active Athlete
6316 Telephone Rd
Houston, Tx 77087
[/h1][h1]Active Athlete
1044 Federal Rd
Houston, Tx 77015
[/h1]Support Southwest Sneaker Culture!
(If your local spot does not have what your looking for,
try ordering from one near by!)

Motive 807

710 Brazos St.
Austin, TX 78701
[h1]Complete Clothing[/h1][h1]106 E 8th St.
Austin, TX 78701

Most Wanted

515 E Irving Blvd
Irving, TX 75060
3839 McKinney Ave Suite 140
Dallas, TX 75204
[/h1][h1]Select Footwear
7959 Broadway St
San Antonio, TX 78209
[/h1][h1]Goodtimes Skateboards
7959 Broadway St
San Antonio, TX 78217
106 Arnould Blvd
Laffayette, LA 70506
[/h1][h1]If you know a shop in Houston, TX and it's surrounding areas that you would like listed here please


H-Town Summer Sneaker Summit 08/02/09

Reppin H-Town on NT since 2001

AIM: beverb95
San Antonio checking in. you know we will be involved somehow... :smile:
Some of Team King Koopa will be up there, and I definately can't wait for this one. Looking forward to another good one Kadoma. :pimp:
Since I'll be in town for the holidays, I'll def try to make this summit.

Why on a Sunday though?
Cause we get them Dirty deals​
member #3; Gotta love that Peanut Butter Interior​
we be there in full affect!!!!! I tip my hat off to Kadoma and Brawnz for making things happen!
Need: Godzilla vs. Barkley Tee Sz. 3XL
Sale: Jordan Aquas Sz. 12 DS... PM me ASAP!!!!

Sup Bruza!
Always good to have another OG in the house.

There are a lot of reasons we plan them on Sunday.

-Its proven to be successful in the past

-Dudes actin too good to hang out at a sneaker related event on a Friday or Saturday evening

-Most people dont work on Sunday and its late enough everyone can attend Church or other Sunday related events, NFL, etc.

-Some of the main shops that show us lots of love with the give aways, vending/display tables, etc. will only attend the event if its on a Sunday (their slowor closed day).

-We will most definitely try to have a spot that got the NFL and NBA games on.

And Fred,
better not spend all that Christmas cash.
we are sure to have some stuff there worth buying...
be it kicks, gear, or umm liquor.
" src="">

H-Town Winter Sneaker Summit 12/30/07

Reppin H-Town on NT since 2001

AIM: beverb95
Most definetly the beverages, I don't know about the other two. Also, don't know if I'll be able to make it since I head out to fabulous Las Vegas for the New Years ritual early in the a.m.
T E A M L E B R O N S Z 1 6​
you know S A will be in the house!!! damn fred another new years vegas trip must be nice.
lets see ....spend the last few days of the year in H town with the sneaker fam?????

Im down..........
yo,save me a table...
i'll try and find some heat between now and then...
nothing like tommy and his buddies but ehh...
and please,please,please...
keep me away from the tequila...
it was NOT good...

The Greatest Country In The World
ill try to be there, Christmas time is more of a family time, but it would be cool to go to a summit.
PS - anyone want to buy some Jrods sz 9? lmk i have pics
Kadoma, sorry about never getting back at you. If you guys are down with a mini-hoop summit the same day or the daybefore, I have a hookup on reserving a court specifically for peeps from the board. It's at the Recreation & Wellness center at U of H & it'llbe only $50 for 2 hours so I figure everyone who comes bring $5 and if we have more than 10 show up, donate the remained of the money to the charity of themonth in General forum or something.

Peeps who are interested just let me know.
More info on The Summit coming really soon.
In the meantime, i would plan for the Hoops Summit to be on Friday or Saturday afternoon.
A Pre-Party is in the works for Friday the 28th for the 21+ crowd only.
I apologize to the younger folk, you will have more than enough fun at the Main Event.

I need to leave the Hoops Summit in d e beatup or someone elses hands as my plate is currently full with the planning of the summit.
However I will support the Hoops Summit in full force and bring my 12 year old nephew to school you all.
I'm in with my other 2 friends for the Hoops Summit, they're both NT'ers also. I'll try to make it out there.
I'll try n make it to the summit, please don't bring up NT tho... I know how some of yall wile out with that in public

Any nice stuff in sz 11-12 just might be copped.
Do you guys have any preference on Friday or Saturday for the Hoop Summit? If no one gets back at me, I'm going to goahead & reserve for Friday. Get at me & let me know please. And Kadoma, mad props for taking the time & patience to coordinate the WinterSummit. I'm sure it takes MUCH more effort, patience, and responsibility than people even begin to realize.
Originally Posted by d e beatup

Do you guys have any preference on Friday or Saturday for the Hoop Summit? If no one gets back at me, I'm going to go ahead & reserve for Friday. Get at me & let me know please. And Kadoma, mad props for taking the time & patience to coordinate the Winter Summit. I'm sure it takes MUCH more effort, patience, and responsibility than people even begin to realize.

i'm sure MOST people would prefer saturday. i know i would....
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