The official LBJ IV review Post !!!

Mar 30, 2004
What's good NT? 4fit here. 1st off, I want to say much love to my man for the pre RD hookup of the IV. I just loved this shoe from first sight and I had to have it. I'm not a big LBJ guy and not really a fan of any of his prior shoes. I do think the White/Blk-Crimson III looks nice. The guy has alot of hype around him and I've argued back and forth on NT about who the best player is but that is neither here nor there. I'm not on the bandwagon now but this is my feelings and opinion of the IV.
I hope this adds insight to those of you who are contemplating a purchase of this shoe.
To start things off, the shoes are HEAVY. I don't mean like a AJ XII or something else. I mean, these things are like my work boots. I put them on my digital scales and both together weighed 3.5 lbs. I wear a sz 13. I put the shoes on and instantly felt like I was standing on a couch or something. They are VERY comfy.
These are probably the most comfortable Bball shoes in my collection of hoop shoes. I wore them to practice last night and did a walk through in them. The traction is top notch. They gripped so well for me I thought it could be dangerous to your knees. I was on a dirty floor annd out of a possible 5, they get 5 form me. The comfort factor is a 5 as well. I'm so pleased with this shoe, I'm almost lost for the right words.
I did some drills for a bit and tried to keep an open mind about the shoe and deny my delight of having new shoes on and the fact that nobody else had these on. I think after playing many minutes in these, you'll pick up on the weight factor. The stronger you are the better if you're gonna play 48 minutes, 2-20 minute halfs, or a couple hrs. of pickup games.
The looks of the shoe is just unique. I have to go with a 5 on it as well. They look so cool in person and the black part of the shoe, reminds me of the Batman costume. Back to the comfort. It took about 45 minutes and I could feel it forming to my foot. Excellent !!!!! I'm not quite halthy enough to run full court yet (still rehabing ACL replacement) but like I said earlier, be strong and in shape to keep these on. The weight is a drawback but it's also a positve. What I mean by that is this, I think there is ALOT of quality in that weight and these shoes would almost survive a holocaust.
I think they'll be great to hoop in but they'll definately be better for the bigger, stronger players. If you're a small frame guy or girl, I would play in something else.The fit is good, pretty true to sz. I wear a 13 and I'm happy with it. I would like to try a 12.5 just to see but it may be alittle tight. If this shoe does run big, it's about 1/4 and not 1/2 like the ZKI (for me)If ya'll were wanting this shoe, buy it. It's great !!! It will deliver all your expectations of a basketball shoe. It is comfortable, durable, grippy.
Oh yeah, the laces have some extra holes around the inside of the strap which are a must. Without them, it's like a 2K4 or 5. I mean, you wish you had more holes. Use them !!! You will not regret it. The pricetag is 150$. I think these would be worth more. They live up to their tag and then some. LBJ is the golden boy and his shoe is on point. Like I said, better for a larger, stronger person but truly, truly a GREAT shoe. Go Mr. Link. It will be hard to top. My overall rating of this shoe (1-5) is a 4. If this shoe had the weight of the 2K4 or the AJ XIX or even the XXI it would be a 5. JB better step up with the XXII or this will be the best Bball shoe of the year. That's my take, I hope I've been able to help ya'll out.[/email] w/any questions.

C O O K # 4 5
3 and a half pounds? could you weigh the 3s for a weight comparison? i wear a size 13 too so this affects me directly.
12.5 in the ZKI.
I'm thinking about ordering some 12.5 LBJ IVs just to see.
C O O K # 4 5
Thanks for the info 4Fitness.
I also wear a size 13 and had to buy a 12.5 in the Kobes. So I guess we're in the same boat.
What other basketball shoes do you own in a size 13, just so I can get a more accurate assumption on how the IV's fit?

3.5 lbs. is outrageous, even for a sz 13.

Only way I'm copping these is with my discount, foamposite or not, $150 for a pair of shoes I'mma beat up playing ball is too much.
Thanks for the review. Hope you recover from your injury.
"What's Bruce Lee's favorite drink?"

I'm excited for this shoe. Thanks for the review.
cant wait, you think there good for outdoor and a big man, i play the 4-5 and im 6'2 250

I took a 12.5 in the LBJ 3 but they're so hard to find.

I wear a 12 in the Zoom Kobe

so you think a 12 in the Zoom Lebron 4 will be good?
Update :
They are not as hot as XXIs but I didn't run at full speed. I've had them on this morning and now I think you should go a 1/2 sz down. I like that snug fit. I'm not talking where you don't have any room to move you foot or your toe hits the end but just snug. Anyone who wears a 12.5 in the ZKI should buy a 12.5 in the LBJ IV. I'm normally a 13. The ZKI is the only shoe I own that is a 12.5 The sizing of these 2 shoes is similar. Hope this helps.
I'll take 165$ shipped on this pr. of sz 13s.
C O O K # 4 5
Very Nice Review 4Fitness! I have a few questions,

1. How hard are these to put on?
2. Did you weigh each shoe individually? If so, how much does one shoe weigh?
3. At any point with the straps and lacing system, did the shoe feel as if it were cutting off your circulation?
4. How did the shoes sound when you walked/ran in them, any clunking?
5. How is the arch support compared to the 1's, II's or III's?
6. Since the shoe is a bit larger fitting, did you experience any heel slippage?
7. Did the shoe move with your foot when it flexed at the forefoot and midfoot, or was it overly stiff?

Thanks for any response!!!

Thanks for the early review, I haven't been this hype for a shoe since the Mars IVs.
j e s u s w a l k s
Thanks for the thorough review man :pimp:

However, I'm personally disappointed with the sweet thing about the previous models is that they look just as good off court as they do on. But not these....these just cant pull off the casual look imo

And the weight....damn.....I wish Nike would return to the agility and lightness of the AZGs. Not everybody is built like LeBron....

....but the white/navy/gold colorway is so tasty I might have to put all those feelings aside :wow:
^^^ yet, for that reason alone its still his shoe, and he is the only customer whos satisfaction determines their revenue ... everyone else just wants a peice of the action, thats why we suffer, if it was a team shoe hurache/shox/a-max then you may have a say if you play for a college team ...
If you get a chance... I would really like to see the shoe after your practice and/or a day of wearing. See how it creases and holds up. Pics would be appreciated. Nice review (havent been this hyped about a non Jordan Nike GR since I was a kid) and thanks
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