The official NBA Bum thread vol. Von Wafer


Dec 17, 2008
Anyone see him get his @%# sent to the locker room? Who does this dude think he is yelling at the coach for mins? If you had game in the first place anddidn't play like a lunatic with your shot selection, you'd prob get more PT. Sit ya @%# down, you suck.
he is not a bum...son is ballin' right now but that little situation with the coach just shows how much of a pee-on some of these guys are to theirorganizations
really, what was Wafer thinking? he wasn't playing bad, I don't know what he was doing arguing with the coach
Dude doesn't know his place. actin' like the coach gotta give a #($&# bout' what he says.
I gotta know what he could possibly be arguin over? He didn't pass the gatorade to the left fast enough? He aint wanna get up out his seat for anothertimeout?

dude is straight garbage.
he hit one 3 and was shouting like he hit the game winner.
this dude went from a 10-day offer to talking back to the coach.
i wouldn't be surprised if this guy doesn't see minutes for the rest of the playoffs.

von's real name- Vakeaton Quamar Wafer
sasha's gayfish self has been hacking him everytime he's touched the ball i'd be pissed too
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