The Official Netflix and REALLY chill thread vol. What movies you rocking with?

Discussion in 'General' started by flyny, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. flyny


    Aug 31, 2008
    As much as I HATE that term, It was fit for the thread title.

    Yea Netflix is good for getting your pipe game popping off, but some of us actually wholeheartedly might want to watch a movie or two, kick back, eat some kale chips and sip some sparking cranberry apple cider like a real cat is meant to on a gloomy, rainy day.

    So let's use this to discuss any new movies (not series) that you guys are rocking with these days. Me personally, I'm a big fan of psychological thrillers: Memento, The Game, Manchurian Candidate to name a few. I like getting mind ******. The first time I got mind ****** was from Inception. I got addicted to Psych Thrillers after that. Then I watched "The Exam". Movie was trash but it was enough to keep me satisfied.

    I haven't been on my Netflix wave for a while, so I plan to pick back up these upcoming weeks. Anyone have some good suggestions (in the psych thriller genre) or any Genre in general?

    Some other good random movies that I enjoyed was King of Paper Chasin (great movie to watch with your significant other. One of those movies where you look at her face to see her expression when the female in the movie does some sneaky *** ****. Just to observe her reaction on some "yea you better not do some **** like that to me")

    The movie with 50 cent and Forest Whitaker (can't remember the name, but 50 plays a Puerto Rican cop with an S curl)

    Usual Suspects: with Mekhi Pfifer and some other smooth brother. I give that move 2 thumbs up.