The official NIKE SB thread.

May 16, 2009
 In this thread, you post your opinions, feelings, release dates, start discussions, Legit check, Price Check, what you wore, or anything SB related.
You may NOT request to buy/sell/or trade!!! Keep that in the Marketplace or PM each other. The reason for this thread is so we can have some discussions and talks about Nike Skateboarding since there aren't really any on NT.

Some topics to discuss...
1)What year did you first own a pair of Nike SBs and what were they?
2)What was your first Nike Dunk SB shoe?
3)What is your favorite pair...and vice-versa? (and post pics of it to avoid free-posting!)?
4)The most you spent on one pair.....
Or just talk about yourself and how Nike SB is important to you.
Anything SB related!

No one or two word answers because that is considered free-posting!

To get this thread going...

Sup NT, my name is Phat. I first owned a pair of SBs in 2008(De La Soul Highs; which are one of my favorites all time).
My favorite Dunk SB Hi- Unkle...Blazer- Supreme Red...Dunk SB Low- Buck. But my favorite all time that I don't own(and probably never will) are Futura's For Love Or Moneys.

I really dislike Tokyos since they are just a boring all "dark" white shoe with a brown gum bottom. IMO, they are uglier than a lot of crap that's been coming out lately in 2009/2010.

Most I spent on a pair was 500 for DS Supreme Blazer Red...and I wear them quite a lot.

Hopefully this thread will start going...
Originally Posted by LonelyBoySole

Good idea BUT u shouldve put it in the Nike Retro Forum
No, Dirtylicious stated that any posts SB related are to be here because they have never been retro'ed
Oh.... well idk wat to say but im sure that the response in the Nike Retro thread wouldve been better in there
yeah, I see this section is mostly consisted of Basketball kicks, but putting this in the Retro section would violate the rules. Plus, maybe the lurkers in the LC/PC will come out
I have to say this is Original and a great idea. Im not a skater but Im sure the dudes at Nike will appreciate this greatly. Good Luck with it.
I like this idea also... I've never purchased any SBs, but i've always wanted to.. This thread would be good to see what is coming out, whats new, etc, etc... as I don't really research SBs on forums or anything, but if I came across it whilst doing the usual NT rounds, i'd def. give it a click.
I've been wanting to start this thread in here but I thought it would get shut down. My first SB's were the J-Rod 2's. I got some P-Rod 3's coming in the mail.
I just recently got into nike sb's and ive always wondered y there wasnt a thread for them anywhere glad someone put it up.... my first pair was the USC blazers and i just picked up the skate mental dunk highs
one of my favorite sb Hi dunks

My Favorite Low SB




got a bunch more.... but dont wana   "
 " the thread
I'd post my SB collection, but they're all dunks... which would be in the wrong thread...

Here's one pic though i had readily available...

Great post, OP!  Glad to see SBs making a comeback after a lull...

I'll play...I'll mix my answers with pics (cuz a thread sucks without pics!)

The pair I wore till they fell apart...

Pair I got the most compliments/turned the most heads...

The pair I loved so much but I never wore because they looked too pretty - lol...

The "I paid a premium for because they weren't supposed to be available in the US, but found out they were" pair...SMH...

One of my favorite non-hype Dunk SBs...

Pair I always wore without socks for some reason (I think it's because they came out during the summer)...

My favorite pair of SB Dunks of all time...

Pair I was never able to find my size of (gave these to a friend after about a month of not being able to trade for my size)...

Non-Dunk pair that I paid retail for (that I trashed) but ended up hitting outlets for half of what I paid...

My favorite non-Dunk SB of all time...

And here are the two Feb releases I am looking at purchasing this month to end my nearly two year drought of SBs...

I liked some SB's when you really didnt even know they were SBs. The only indication was on the shoe box, like these early air trainer SB Paul Brown's:


The minute they started branding their shoes with SB this and SB that, much like JB retros with the jumpman instead of NIKE AIR, it was over for me.

What see today:

People have to be told that its an SB in order for it to register as a nice shoe.

even these:

im just a traditionalist at heart. You can have a great ODD colorway with great materials with colors that wouldnt normally WORK, but it somehow works out in a Nike model with zero SB branding on it and be okay.

my apologies for ranting in a thread that should be left for the positive. But theres also an ugly side to SBs.
Nermindee- Oops, I scrolled through too fast I didn't even notice the grey and SB logo on those that you posted lol.

Anyone know how to quote using iPhone?
i'll jump in and add a few too, why not

my fav pre-cursers:

the pack im working on completing:


all-time favs (well tied w/ true reds but i dont own those)

most ridiculous pair:

ill post some more if this thread stays alive..

rico, donde estas?
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