The Official NT Beat Thread Vol.2..-~-..-~-.Dope Beats Only!

Dec 7, 2004
I was lookin for the OG thread so i could give some feedback to yall. All them dope beats....GONE! Oh well we must move on. Yo lets try to make this one better. Keep postin them dope beats, yet this time around everyone step it up a notch! make yo @#%$ hotter! Cause if you work harder, we will be able to pin point the smaller things you need to improve on and you will gain more knowledge this way. Also if you post a beat...Please be courteous and give feedback. Ight lets goo!

my last 2 beats posted

A Live to Live // Reality Check
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A Live to Life has a nice feel, I feel that the Hi-Hat is just a LIL too high though.

I'm gonna have a new one posted tommorow morning.

ps2 - Reality Check is CRAZY. I'm lovin' that one. Not feeling A Life to Live that much. Drums are cool, but, the sample just doesn't sound right.

Burt - Dope stuff as usual. Beasties would be proud haha.

I've got two new ones in the workings. Link's in the sig. =\
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A Life to Live is fresh, something u can just vibe to

ill peep reality check a little later.

A Live to Live: the sample immediately makes me throw on my old doom cd's but you flipped it well enough that it didn't sound remotely similar. nice job

Reality Check is really dope...did you sample or compose this? either way it sounds sick especially the flutes on that


Just A Test Plan

Beat is sick...the percussion you used going on in the back round is nice

Get Buck

really nice and mellow...really puts a whole new spin on the song...

Questions03NEW @#%$: THE FUTURE, ALL I NEED REMIX...
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osh kosh - the future is cool....i think if you turned the reverb down it would sound alot better. all i need....that beat is NUTS...i really like your style. shhhh is dope man. but it doesnt match the jay song at all imo. i would like to hear the beat by itself. but man that beat is crack

plan - just a test is a cool beat. kind of plain imo. i think you could turn up the low end. thatll bring the beat to life and give it a more dynamic sound. the buck remix is doooooope. that beat is ill. classic plan. i hate buck on it. but in all fairness its very hard to make buck sound dope on that type of track.

ps2 child - i wasnt too much feelin a life to live. you should tighten up the drums. they sound kind of jumbled...reality check is alot better. i like the drum pattern. i think you should turn down the hats just a little. they become a little overpowering after a while...

ummmm i havent been to the beat thread in a while ....check this out...
Monk Mechanix and 2forKey and​
props on feed back jape...i really suck at tracking a capellas lol


Monk Mechanics
not really feelin this one the squeaky bassline is kinda annoying...

dope as usual man loved the way you chopped the horns on this @#%$. The mixing is really good, your @#%$ always sounds mad professional

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Osh Kosh Bosh - "The future" has a nice dreamy blurry feel to it. Those drums do the trick

Check out "I have noticed" and "Ay yo lets go" on the page...threw some guitar work in there

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Here ya'll are! I was wondering where the hell NTP was.

ps2child"A Life to Live"Reality Check :pimp:

PlanJust A Test :pimp:

Osh Kosh Bosh"The Future""All I Need" :smokin

Buddha JAPEMonk MechanixPaintings2forKey :pimp:

JaeBeats :smokin

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ps2child - aha when i first listened to "A Life to Live" I was like... 'umm this is a doom beat....' but i like how you flipped it and make it sound completely different than the MF Doom version. Reality Check is just kind of eh to me. Nothing really stands out. I LOVE the rhodes in "Retrospective" but I think that synth is too much, you could use something smoother.

Plan Beats - Get Buck remix is on point but the mood of the beat doesn't match the lyrics real well. August 2nd reminds me of a Three Six beat with the high hats you used and the melody. But once the drums kicked in it took on its own feel and I like it

ShoeofKuribo - DEF experimental.. lol i'm not sure if i was feeling anything on your page

Questions03 - "The Dream Is Gone" was solid up until the kick came in... it sounds like an 808 layered with a kick you got from a Neptunes drum kit. "Ooh" could have been dope but that bass gets annoying.

Osh Kosh Bosh - dang you did something competely different than what i expected in "The Future" the reverb effect you put on it makes it sound weird, but it works. On the "All I Need Remix" the beat is dope but it doesn't work with the lyrics I think. That sample is real cool.

Buddha JAPE - "MonkMechanix" kind of reminds me of a Dilla beat I heard... I think's called "Dancin". But I really like this one. The drums are perfect and the bass is cool too. I also peeped out "Paintings" and its real chill. I like it. I like the way you do your samples.

JaeBeats - wow "I Noticed" is really dope. the only thing I didn't like was the crash cymbal you had going on there. I think a gong would work well in that beat

shizzmyster - "Kinda Music" I really really like the sample in this one but the drums.... sounds like a neptunes drumkit kick. I always try to steer away from those because its not really your sound. but besides that, the way you chopped the sample is amazing. i like it a lot. "What we Like to Play" did you time-strech the sample? it sounds like it... im not feeling this one all that much. WOW I really like "Kinda Music" though :smile:
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oh and go here real quick,
What the heck happened to the other thread? I didn't even realize it was gone...
I only listened to some of em...
ps2child - the first beat, was okay...the sample didn't really sound right, but it was still alright. 2nd beat was much better, imo, the drums were pretty nice on it and the sample matched pretty good.
Jape - :pimp:
I don't think I've heard a beat of yours I thought was wack...I still got those free joints you were giving away back then... :lol:
Thanks everyone for checkin out my stuff........

plan - ionno bout you. what ever accapella that song is from if i heard it somewhere else i would never think twice that it was a remix. that beat fits perfectly and its dope!

osh - the future i like this cause i cant picture any particular rapper on it making it a mystery type beat. all i need is some different stuff too. beat is cool and you put jay on it so we can hear some dope lyrics on a dope beat!

jape - monkmechanix joint is dope! 2forkey drums and claps sound familiar. i like it though. painthings i like the melody on that joint. i could def ride with this.

jaebeats - ayo lets go i like that man. is the whole song OG? also like the fact that u play your own guitar for it. i noticed it real chill. love the melody and the sampled voice who is that alanis morrisett?

stewrat - pray for you is nice! all OG material! i like the drums and claps with the verb on it.

kidkuribo - good has a nice little melody with it. good drums and the keys that come in are nice!

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Burt, you know I'm lovin that Buck remix, and the Beastie Boys joint fits in well.

Jape, I heard those tracks the other day through same random browsing at work, good @#%$.

Osh Kosh, all i need is a nicve beat, just don't think it fits in well with that particular verse. I like that JOB track though, sounds clean.

I haven't posted in a while because I've just been working, with wifey, just all over the place. Plus, I've been doing some research to improve and make sure this remix project I'm working on comes out perfect. This was posted in the Beat Comp since it was a sample I had already used, so I figure I'd give another sneak peak to the project.

Nas_Carry the Cross (Remix)
Mez 1 ft. Nas presents....GOD'S Son: The Remix (Coming Soon)
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I'm hearing long intros in your songs. The drums could be more inhanced on some joints. I do like the way you used drums over the cold as ice sample, different stuff.
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ps2 :pimp:

plan :lol:
...this is dope...never heard the og song which makes this even more dope cuz it sounds like it coulda been the og...@#%$ fits perfect...


future is nice as hell...smooth...

all i need remix...u shoulda let it just be the drums for like his first 8 bars...but im feelin this...dont really like the hook part tho...


paintings...this is dope...sounds like some @#%$ timbo would speed up...(well the instrumental part)...this is dope as hell...

2forkey...this is straight...its one of them beats...i dunno how to describe...kweli type...he'd kill this...i like the break wit the piano...u crazy for cuttin all this @#%$ up...ill never chop another sample without then again im lazy...

monkmechaniks...i like this...i forgot how good u was wit choppin @#%$...u dont every really let em get repetative either...

HOLD THE @#%$ UP!!!

how the hell u get 5 joints on myspace?

i noticed is straight...i like that guitar that comes in...and then how the sample flips...u on the guitar?

ayo lets go...again u on the guitar?i like these strings...i think u should drop that melodic percussion...the @#%$ it switches up to is nice tho...

what u using? ableton or something like that?

stewrat :lol:

come and go is CRACK...

not really feelin the other 2 at all...sampling not ur forte? "good" is just too repetative...i hear u on the keys but the main sample is too strong...

Mez :rofl:
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