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[*]Sony has announced November 15th for North America, November 29th for Europe and Japan (Asia) is TBD.

[*]Sony has announced one (1) 500MB SKU for $399.99 for North America, €399/£349 for Europe.

[*] Single-chip custom processor, with eight x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU cores and 1.84 TFLOPS next-gen AMD Radeon based graphics engine
[*] 8GB GDDR5 memory
[*] Built-in hard drive
[*] 6x Blu-Ray and 8x DVD drive
[*] USB 3.0 and auxiliary ports
[*] Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 2.1
[*] HDMI, analog AV-out, and optical S/PDIF audio output
[*] DualShock 4 controller, with two-point capacitive touchpad, three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer, vibration, light bar with three color LEDs, mono speaker, micro USB port, stereo headset port, extension port, 1000mAh battery
[*] PlayStation 4 Eye camera, with two 1280 x 800 cameras, f/2.0 fixed focus lenses, 85-degree field of view, 30cm minimum focusing distance, four-channel microphone array

[*] Sony PlayStation 4 games can be played while they are downloading
[*] Sony's PlayStation 4 will use Gaikai game streaming technology
[*] The PlayStation 4 can suspend/resume games with a touch of a button
[*] Downloadable Games playable while playing
[*] Use the "Share" button to tag footage, upload video to the cloud or live stream playing with friends
[*] Always connected with your Vita, mobile phone or tablet
[*] PlayStation Store will learn your downloading ways, will tailor games, demos, videos, gaming information to what you like
[*] Remote Play can send your favorite PS4 games to your PlayStation Vita. The goal is to have all PS4 games RP'd to Vita.
[*] PlayStation 4 UI (User Interface) completely revamped, no more XMB. Resembles PSN a bit, use real name and picture avatar, inline feeds with your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
[*] PlayStation 4 won't play old PS3 games, will possibly use streaming (Gaikai Service) as a future means
[*] PlayStation 4 app for Android and iOS coming soon, will add a second screen to your PS4 for live video feeds to chat or play online
[*] PlayStation 4 will allow the use to play used games

[*] Killzone: Shadow Fall (SCEE)
[*] Deep Down (CAPCOM)
[*] Watch Dog (UBISOFT)
[*] Infamous: Second Son (Sucker Punch)
[*] The Witness (Jonathan Blow)
[*] Diablo III (Blizzard)
[*] Destiny (Bungie)
[*] Battlefield 4 (EA)

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[quote]Sony has announced the DualShock 4, a new controller with a touchpad and headphone jack. The controller will come with a dedicated share button and a light bar that identifies players or changes color during play, and it essentially looks like a sleeker version of the classic DualShock. The light bar, which rotates between three different colors, can actually be used to provide feedback during gameplay — to notify a player if their health is running low, for example

The DualShock 4 packs some additional surprises inside, including a six-axis sensor and a built-in speaker. A 3D camera — dubbed the PlayStation 4 Eye — can also track the controller's motion from the light bar, sensing depth. Overall, the system is much like the potential prototype controller we've been seeing over the past several days, and it's designed to take advantage of new features, like an instant suspension mode that will save games and put the console in low-power mode. The share button is being touted as a particularly important feature: pressing it lets users broadcast their game live to friends, who can then post to your screen or even take over the controller if you allow it. Of course, we still have no idea what the PlayStation 4 will actually look like, so it's hard to tell how the controller will fit with the console itself.[/quote]

[B][COLOR=blue][SIZE=5]- PS EYE[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]
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[quote]Details were remarkably scant at the event regarding the PlayStation 4 Eye, which has been revealed as having a 1280x800 pixel sensor capable of capturing video at 60 frames-per-second. It can also be used to automatically detect players, though Sony hasn't detailed the exact application of the feature.[/quote]


*Info and Picture Credit to Neogaf, The Verge, IGN and Kotaku



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I'll post it here also...

More info on PlayStation 4's "Jaguar" CPU

AMD "Jaguar" Micro-architecture Takes the Fight to Atom with AVX, SSE4, Quad-Core

AMD hedged its low-power CPU bets on the "Bobcat" micro-architecture for the past two years now. Intel's Atom line of low-power chips caught up in power-efficiency, CPU performance, to an extant iGPU performance, and recent models even feature out-of-order execution. AMD unveiled its next-generation "Jaguar" low-power CPU micro-architecture for APUs in the 5W - 25W TDP range, targeting everything from tablets to entry-level notebooks, and nettops.

At its presentation at the 60th ISSC 2013 conference, AMD detailed "Jaguar," revealing a few killer features that could restore the company's competitiveness in the low-power CPU segment. To begin with, APUs with CPU cores based on this micro-architecture will be built on TSMC's 28-nanometer HKMG process. Jaguar allows for up to four x86-64 cores. The four cores, unlike Bulldozer modules, are completely independent, and only share a 2 MB L2 cache.

"Jaguar" x86-64 cores feature a 40-bit wide physical address (Bobcat features 36-bit), 16-byte/cycle load/store bandwidth, which is double that of Bobcat, a 128-bit wide FPU data-path, which again is double that of Bobcat, and about 50 percent bigger scheduler queues. The instruction set is where AMD is looking to rattle Atom. Not only does Jaguar feature out-of-order execution, but also ISA instruction sets found on mainstream CPUs, such as AVX (advanced vector extensions), SIMD instruction sets such as SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, and SSE4A, all of which are quite widely adopted by modern media applications. Also added is AES-NI, which accelerates AES data encryption. In the efficiency department, AMD claims to have improved its power-gating technology that completely cuts power to inactive cores, to conserve battery life.


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you mean like whats on pc?  where the same game looks better on better hardware?

that goes against the low level programming of the console, where the console actually make use of its power

Oh, ok.

Just thought i'd share it, didn't know it would do that. My apologies.
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Could forward compatibility be possible?
Game boy had it

I can almost guarantee that those are prerendered and the actual game will not look as good. Sony does this all the time. Even then it still doesnt look too much better than anything the current gen has to offer. I will wait till the good games come out.

Glad they fixed that ****** DS3 controller. The DS1&2 were amazing but they ****** up with the dualshock 3
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I can almost guarantee that those are prerendered and the actual game will not look as good. Sony does this all the time. Even then it still doesnt look too much better than anything the current gen has to offer. I will wait till the good games come out.
Nope killzone and watch dogs were running on an dev PC unit, with the same specs the PS4 is going to have. Both were controlled in real time
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