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Any cats in here from Knoxville? Flying from San Antonio to Knoxville weekend of the Carmines release. Anybody feel like helping me out by telling me what spots in Knoxville will be FCFS if any?
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Hey everyone. Moving to memphis in july and just trying to get to know the city and meet some people. What's there to do in Memphis? How's the sneaker scene?

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Hey everyone. Moving to memphis in july and just trying to get to know the city and meet some people. What's there to do in Memphis? How's the sneaker scene?
I moved here in January and it's been cool. Depending on what you like doing beale st is where it's at for night life but I don't know about much else. The sneaker scene isn't too bad but Iono where you're moving from (I'm use to Cali and KC hypebeast so it's not that bad here) City Gears are everywhere it seems and they get a lot of releases. I'm still trying to find someone who works at the Nike employee store tho, the clearance store is terrible.
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You can add me to the list as well. Was browsing the net and ran across the forum and defiantly had to check it out.
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Whaddup TN x NT Fam,

Know its been awhile since I've checked in! Just wanted to inform you guys that we are putting on our 4th round of Sneakers X Speakers this August in Nashville, TN. It would be dope to have everyone from here be able to attend or vend! Really hope to have your support with this event this year! I've put a lot of dedication and work into making this something very original and unique to our State! I have attached our preliminary event flyer and if your are interested in participating as a vendor please feel free to hit me up on my cell 615.429.7978 or email
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Sharing this here b/c I know most people here (specifically for Nashville) know or are familiar with Vic James who used to work at Sport Seasons in Rivergate (and damn near all their locations at some point).

He left Nashville for Florida in order to get things in order and to become sober. That was two years ago and he's doing well. However, he and his lady just had a premature baby girl born a few days/weeks ago and they're in need of a little help.

Read more about it here --
Donate here --
He didn't ask me to do it and I haven't spoken to him yet either. I know he gave a whole lot of the shoe scene in Nashville though and touched quite a few folks. I'm one of them.

Even if it's just $5-10, consider sharing, especially given the time of year. A few bucks out of your pocket put towards this instead of shoes could mean a lot to them.

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Hey NT,

There is a new sneaker boutique opening in Nashville, TN called ROOTED. It will carry brands such as Adidas, New Balance, Puma, Reebok, Vans, etc. as well as apparel brands like Stone Island, Mr. Completely, Daniel Patrick, etc. Follow ROOTED below for drops, brand announcements, and updates from the shop. It will be open in less than a week so go by and check it out!

62 Hermitage Avenue
Nashville, TN 37210

Website -
Instagram -
Twitter -
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Damn, I need to frequent this thread more often.

Any of you guys going to that Sneaker Exit event today in Nashville at the Fairgrounds?
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