The Thread About Nothing. SNEAKER EDITION

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ITT: Positive sneaker discussion with topics ranging

from benign to controversial. Across all sneaker brands.

I'll start it off. The black Jordan 3 is the greatest sneaker of all time.

It's not up for discussion. 
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Came here to lurk in the shadows
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Those who know me on here know that I'm a wrestling fan, both amateur and professional.

I must say that it's a damn shame that Nike is doing away with its wrestling shoe lineup.

Although they did just sponsor world team member and future MMA superstar, Aaron Pico.

Nike had/has some of the best wrestling shoe designs ever.

Especially the Cary Kolat series, it was dope to see him in the old ad for the Air Pillar.

Nike has a deep catalog of wrestling shoes too retro.

Although that appears to be a pipe dream at this point.

The USA colorway of these footsweeps is pure 

Air Reversals also piff.

6 Rings G.O.A.T.

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My damn 18.5 crumble today in the hot weather.. Had a 11 years run though..

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Which shoe if the most special in your collection? Like it has a lot of meaning to you?

This is tough for me, but if I had to choose I would pick my Paranorman Foams. Winning that contest was crazy! I would've never thought I would win out of all the people who entered.


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Black metalic v >>>>>>>>

They need to retro da 1sr cw of the 18 man

Anyone remember these???

Michael johnsons

Tinker designed in 96....u can see the x and xi in em

Thinking about gettin a beater pair just 2 c how they run
my favorite jordan of all time is the black/metallic v and its not even close. I've owned cool grey, space jams and black/red xi's and I never want another pair of em. they nice, but, eh.

those michael johnsons look familiar.. don't think I actually remember them. the jordan comfort max 10, 11 and 12 look a lot like those. Nike probably revisited the design of those to come up with the silhouette of the comfort max line.
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Michael johnson had those gold spikes in the 96 olympics and those were the other jst or somthin like that

Nike revisits alot of stuff I think....I cant remember the name but theres an old sneaker tinker designed that looks really similar to the roshe
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Adidas has been releasing FIRE! IMO of course. :lol: I think ASICS should slow down on the GRs a little, I know the fanbase if growing but god lol.

IS there an Adidas RG3 thread?
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I love XI's. They are my favorite in my collection. I had 7 pairs once. Kinda weird since I didn't like them when they first released.
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