the thread about nothing...

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Even is AG doesn't bounce all the way back, they just gonna make her the new "Mommy Model".


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Ja came in hot af tho. That Rush Hour song..then they had that song with Jay-X and DMX. Bruh that was gonna be the hardest track ever recorded at that time. Then he stumbled into that crossover money and it was down hill from there. Damn....Bobby Hurley maybe? @dcallamerican
JA was 26-27 this year. His year. 2 years later was the 50 cent beef and he became irrelevant.

Lewis was an all star at 25. Age 26 was his best year statistically. 27 was his last year in Seattle, then he got the most rediculous contract in nba history and became irrelevant.

I’d say it lines up perfectly. Is Lewis an east coast cat too?


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