the thread about nothing...

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LA lol ... damn didn’t realize outdoor eating was dead too. Well at least I can walk around the beach lol
i'm not too familiar with moreno valley but shooot, southern california weather is gorgeous right now. rest of the country is wearing thick jackets and thermals, meanwhile my homie in Long Beach, CA is chillin outside in shorts and sandals while WFH.

i should say, different counties have different dining restrictions. in some areas, they don't give a damn and reject science, lots of pockets like this in Southern Ca. mask up and enjoy! congrats on the new member to your family
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That’s Riverside
U flying in to Ontario?
naw Ontario flights double the price lol going to fly to LA and get a rental . At least that was my original plan

plus got a homie in LA , plan to go there and watch the browns Sunday .

just happy to see some sunshine and get my new little homie lol.

if I have to drive around to eat or just be happy walking down the street I’ll be cool lol
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Wasn't part of the reason Kyrie left Cleveland was because he took offense to being used as trade bait or an expendable piece? The hell is BK thinking if what I asked is correct
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