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Nov 7, 2019
Best friend’s feeling suicidal again, just when I thought she’s been improving in the past few weeks. :smh:
She’s bipolar so that aggravates her depression issues even more.

I think I managed to cheer her up slightly but some of these texts were pretty harrowing…

Text Excerpt (translated):
When I feel good, everything’s fine. When I feel bad, I feel suïcidal
I’m not allowed to feel bad anywhere, it pushes everyone away. Everyone gives up on me. Out of nowhere, my roommates, one of whom is a psychology student, are kicking me out because according to them, “they couldn’t stand to see [her] struggle with herself.”
My dad is the only one in my family who hasn’t given up on me yet. My mom doesn’t want me around anymore, my brother says I “ruin the vibe”, …

She seems to feel a bit better for now at least.
I reminded her that I’ll always allow her to be sad and let all her emotions out around me. Even though we’re best friends and she knows this, the bipolar or depression issue always seems to make her feel helpless and alone, requiring a reminder.

Whenever she’s been suicidal, I’ve always been able to cheer her back up for at least some time but I continue wondering what’ll happen the one time I’m unable to get through to her…
You're a great friend and she's lucky to have you. Hope she can get outside her own head and enjoy her life soon.

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Feb 11, 2006

tbh i don't do seatbelts like I should, and this right here...

My tire flew off like that years ago on the freeway.. flames sparking and everything..

Luckily, I didn't get hurt..
No damage on my car..
Others did not get hurt..

Witnesses that check on me.. said I was driving like Dom Torreto when my tire flew off..

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