the thread about nothing...

Yea I'm aware man.

I had to ask, considering you’ve decided to use this thread to share Twitter content like this apropos of nothing, without commentary:

Know your personnel.
Dunk Contest winning-level creativity.

It's funny how "human evolution" (let folks tell it) has it's prints all over the men's dunk game but the women are still at ground zero.

Someone explain why evolution skipped over them?
I think it is evolution but I dont think it skipped over women. "Devine purpose" aside, humans are driven to reproduce. Once upon a time it was thought women had to be thin/skinny/petite to be considered attractive(part of me feels like that was never actually the case), somewhere along men started being more open about liking women with meet on their bones, then we figured out that "thickness" comes from muscles...blazay blazay, one pluse women are starting to dunk younger and easier.
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