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70 degrees all day today. Getting on the grill as soon as I get home. More bone in chicken breasts, please and thank you.
So my damn local grocery store was running a sale...bone in chicken breasts 99 cent a pound. Grabbed some Friday. Sale doesn't end until Wednesday. And they had a rule of "2 package limit".

I carry my *** to 3 of these damn stores and not a damn one has the chicken breast. But that wasn't finna stop me.

Last time I made chicken, I used this st. Elmo's seasoning (it's a steakhouse in Indianapolis that supposedly has the best shrip cocktail ever...if you listen to sports radio, pay attention around NFL combine time and you'll hear about the restaurant all week cuz it's the only damn thing to do in Indianapolis) Wife loved it. I can't lie, **** was pretty good to me as well. Let's see what the verdict is tonight.
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