these critical mass people need to get ran over

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dude with the yellow car in the turning lane must have been HEATED

im actually pro bike lanes , public transit urbanizism etc but this is

beyond ridiculous....they do this once a week to remind drivers to share

the road

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Thats way more people than i thought it was going to be in that first video.
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**** that. if bikers do that they don't deserve the respect they want on the road. i hope they all get clipped one day for that ****
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Not even 1/100th of a damn was given, and I feel bad about laughing :lol: :smh: ...

bruh im in tears over here
No one died, 40 injured, so I don't feel so bad for laughing. I just feel bad for those who did nothing and didn't see it coming. Still funny, though :lol:

It was a one of the Critical Mass that took place in Brazil. "The man claimed riders surrounded his vehicle and began beating on it, causing him to panic and fear for his life, police said."

It's one thing to try to bring awareness but to act out because there's that group mentality present, it'll hit the fan quick when someone feel threatened and is in a metal cage that can decimates flesh with just the slight push of his feet.

ice city fc

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They've been doing this in SF for like 10 years. Out here they blast sixteens trailing behind their bikes, costumes, lights all kinds of foolishness
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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I KNEW that damn gif was gonna be in here at some point.

Money cleaned UP out there.
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