Things to do in Atlanta?

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Me and my homeboy are heading down to ATL for the weekend 8/18 - 8/20. And I was looking for some opinions on what to do while down there like clubs, things to do, places to eat, sites to see, etc... We are both of age so age is not an issue.

Lord willing on that Saturday we plan to hit up that water park: White Water which I heard was real nice. Thanks for any and all help/advice. Thanks.
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Downtown Underground area has alot of clothes and shoe spots. That's where Walter's is too. I heard of place called Sole Munki too but I never been. Try out Cheesecake Factory and Glady's and Ron's Chicken and Waffles to get your stomach full. They're both on Peachtree.

To hit the clubs, then Buckhead is your spot to be. Club Vision is the shiiiii....! It's by Club 112. Go to their website and see if anything is going on there this weekend plus u can get some VIP email tickets from the site.

There's alot more to do but just too many to name! You'll definately enjoy yourself!

PS...hit up myspace to see if any chicks on there wanna get up with u...I've gotten lucky that way.... :wink:

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Why did Visions close down?
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Gotta hit up the strip joints. Strokers & Magic City.
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Strip your money. There's plenty of top quailty birds that you can bag for free in ATL
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^ yeah unfortunately vision closed just last weekend...ridiculous amounts of people...but if u guys come i'd recommend vip passes at
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Good looking out. What are some more good food spots. How is this spot called white water? Also, what is the dress code like in majority of the 21 and club spots?
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Quote:[hr][/hr]What are some more good food spots.[hr][/hr]

Justin's on peachtree
Cameli's - a nic pizza place on ponce de leon
Mo Jos - best chicken wings in the A-Town

White water aint really hittin on @#%$. I aint been there since the 90's
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