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Dec 28, 2002
Hey Fella's

Most of the Old Heads know how I roll. Some others should, but should you not.

Since Meth, has provided certain area's the oppurtunity to have their own forum to do what we can to make NT better, lets take that oppurtunity and run with it.

This is not an US against them Forum, and if other's come in this forum talking stuff, it will be handled properly. So EVERY one is welcome in this Forum no matter where they are from.

So lets not alienate. No one is here for E-Fame. I certainly am not and could care less about it. Lets all respect each other and keep the crap talk to a minimum, because I believe if you feel the need to start e-beef here.. I will be quick to call both parties to a public place and see who wants to handle it face to face....without your computer..

With all that said. Have fun and do what you do, because I think the DC/VA/MD and surrounding area's involved, we can make this a very successful Forum with our own Flavor.

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Who Will You Call When "They" Make More than You?
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