thoughts about the 22's

in ur shortsd

Aug 6, 2006
to those who have seen the 22's in person,id like to know what y'all think?first impressions?they're really growing on me,its light as hell,the camo/reflective material on the heal actually looks good to me,only gripe i have bout it is that plate on the sole of the sneaker,and the sole all together is a lil too thin for me,
First impression is definitely better than the XX1s as for comfort, I still don't have them but I'm expecting that they'll be equal or better than the XX1.

Ventilation will also be an issue just like the XX1s because they removed the ankle vents which existed in early samples.

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they look pretty boring to me and without imagination. maybe it's because mj never played in them, but they seem to lack soul.
Talking about aesthetics, I like the 21 better.

The 22 looks like a team jordan to me.

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i like these better than 21 looks wise. took me some time before the red suede got the better of me unlike the 22 i got one as soon as i can.

for walking, the forefoot area is very comfy compared to XX or XXI

playing wise, initially i like the fit and feel of 22's better, will add to my review thread soon as i play enough games with these

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saw them in person and im in love..i da-date ko bukas yan..LOL

but seriously...i like them... :D


Buti ka pa.. ako sa Saturday ko pa makakapiling ang pair ko kasi di pa pwede kumuha ng discount eh, sa launching pa daw this saturday...
i've already worn mine twice. it has that "ooooooohhhhhh" feeling the first time you wear it. :lol:
ventilation issue lang siguro kahit merong mga vents... and nakakatakot yung jumpman on the heel, baka kasi magasgasan! haha! :rofl:
but overall, the shoe is great. leather quality is great. few creases lang maybe because of the tumbled leather and the thick padding. cant wait to test them on court. i just hate the clear soles! thinking that they would eventually turn yellow... >:
i was disappointed that jb didnt do anything to make the laces standout.too plain jane.does anyone know what was the inspiration for this shoe?its not as clear cut as the last two
ahhhh,thanks from the uninitiated.hmm,still wud have been cool if jb put missile heads as metal lace covers
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