Tilikum/Shamu Thrashes & Kills Trainer.......Gruesome DETAILS UPDATE + Similar Attack Video

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It sucks that this whale will likely be put down very soon. I don't understand why no one thought to release him back into the wild once he killed the first person. Sigh.
I agree with the notion that keeping large andwild animals in confined spaces for ourentertainment and amusementis wrong. However, releasing them back into the wildafter being in captivity for so long might make it harder for them to survive for as long as they can. They would not know how tofiend for themselves such as fish on their ownand they are so used to human contact. Sometimes they end up beached or would return to coast looking for humans to feed them becausethey do not know how to eat on their own.Keiko, the whale in Free Willy, only survived for five more years after being released back in the waters of Iceland.

Which is why I think they should put an end to all this but I digress.

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Ibet it happened like this.. that whale looked like he was gone, then herose back up and was playing with it. much like a seal on the wildafter hunting one down

Yea, in the older video it didn't even want to kill the lady or bite her leg off it was toying with her.
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i hope they don't kill the whale. its a wild animal and i feel no pity at all. leave the animal where it belongs and things like this wouldnt happen.
So if a bear walked up to a backyard and ate a child (which has happened before), you wouldn't care?

The girl was doing her job, which I am sure she was an animal lover.
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Statistically, it's not a big deal. There was a pit-bull that mauled a toddler to death just last week and that didn't get national press. That happens a lot more than a killer whale killing someone.

This story sells because of the "Jaws" factor.
Jaws was a shark.  This story "sells" because it's an animal in captivity, that is in front of millions of people a year, and it killed it's trainer.
A shark? Really? 

A pit-bull is also an animal in captivity.  Jaws factor refers to the nature of the incident - maybe not mirrored from what's in the movie, but similar in a way that it's a large animal with teeth who grabbed a woman out of the water with it's mouth and killed her.  

Statistically, it's still just one death. 
So if somebody gets hit by a comet.  It shouldn't be in the news because "statistically" just one death right.
I never said it "shouldn't" be in the news.  I'm just saying WHY it's in the news. 
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Just saw this on JJB and I thought I would post it here since there was a thread about this.

Amateur Home Video Captures Tilikum Killing Trainer Dawn Brancheau

Dawn Brancheau, a 40-year-old veteran trainer, drowned after a 22-foot orca pulled her into the water as horrified spectators looked on. This recently happened at SeaWorld Florida.
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HOLY...she was sooo close to getting out. The orca looked like it was playing. Kept jumping around. Didn't look like he was trying to be malicious. But god RIP sad
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