Time Warner Cable Internet Un-Appreciation

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I have to re set my modem at least 2 times a day! I want Verizon but its not in my area
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your settup might just be weak..just have a service operator come in and adjust da cables....

Los Angeles

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Happens to me all the time (resetting my modem).

TWC cable is also unappreciated.

I had Verizon but their monthly was OD, so I had to switch.
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I have Time Warner internet and phone and I have no complaints, kind of pricey at $80 a month for both those things but the internet is fast and does a good job for me.

But Time Warner has great customer service, if your equipment isn't working the way it should then ask them to give you some type of credit on your monthly bill.

I had AT&T internet and phone for about a month and it flat out sucked, internet was mad slow. Their customer service sucked too.
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My 2 year record with Comcast has been spotty... nearly perfect at one apartment, complete #$%% at another in the same town.

Got to use Fios at my mom's house on Long Island... That's the TRUTH right there!!!

Let's just say I doubled my ratio in less than a day. 
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It does suck. I had to reset my modem a couple times too. Haven't had the problems recently though.
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Our Net is good now. A while back we upgraded to turbo. FAST! But every so often during peak ours, it would slow down drastically. I'm guessing now its resolved but man it was terrible. Cable is cool, the freezing from time to time is somewhat annoying. Overall is great but could be better.
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All I get from time warner is the internet. Their customer service is cool but the tech support Is lagging. I wish directv had a faster and affordable internet service.
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I've never had a problem with TWC.

Anyone upgraded to the turbo after using the regular service ? I dont really notice much of a difference.
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Why are some of you guys having to reset your modems? My only complaint with TWC might not even be their fault; On MW2 it takes at least 2 minutes to connect to the activision matchmaking server. May not seem like a while but if you're just sitting their staring at the screen waiting to play it seems like a long time. It could just be a problem with my router or something.
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Originally Posted by DLEE2703

^ I did that. I have had the modem swapped out like 3 times. 
As a Cable tech...

if al they're doing is swapping equipment, it's a signal issue.

If you're in a house it could be something as small as replacing the fitting at the tap, or there may be a rodent chew on the drop (line going to your house from the tap on the pole), to maybe a bad splitter within your house.

Most techs who do trouble calls just want to be in and out of there, so they do the easy swap and dip.

If you're at an apartment, it could be a case of old wiring and they didn't bother replacing the fitting in the Junction Box, or if they're using splitters instead of a Tap as they do for houses, you may be on the last splitter or so.

In OTHER words, you may have a $$!$*+ up line, fitting, or splitter somewhere and the Tech isn't doing his job.

No reason you should have that many issues. Escalate it to corporate.
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