To My UCSD Heads!!!!!

Aug 6, 2006
Wuts up fellas. Im an incoming freshman at UCSD, and want to know if any other sneakerheads or ballers on this board go there, or get any useful tips. Just trying to meet some new people who go there. I stay in LA at the moment and will be moving there next month. I'll be living on campus at Revelle college. Reply here or you can shoot me a PM. Thanks a lot!
welcome to 4 years of hell.... LOL, just kidding there are plenty of stuff to do if your into the natural scene... the beach, cliffs, RIMAC, downtown, PB.... and of course, ATTIC SD... class of 05 so I am an old fart
dude, you are in LaJolla...the Newport or Laguna Hills of San Diego.

Things you can do at UCSD:
1. Study and get and education (that's why you're going there)
2. Go to LaJolla shores and women watch (white girls! white girls. whiiiiittteee girls!)
3. Check out downtown (sorry the best nightlife there is 21+)
4. Go to Hillcrest and embrace it's culture.
5. Skate UCSD...even though they put stoppers on a lot of the benches, there is still a lot of skateable places there.
6. Willy's Workshop...just a 15 minute drive on the 78 or 52

Peace yo...
just don't waste your time on partying and frats, or you could just learn the hardway... but deff check out the scene! kinda different from LA
hey man... im an incoming freshman coming to Revelle UCSD too. what up dude.
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Im an incoming freshman as well, but Im gonna be in ERC (Roosevelt)...should be a lot of fun
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yeah ERC got some nice dorms :pimp:
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1. Drop the girlfriend.
2. Use every opportunity to drink, and touch girls.
3. Cotixan (all the way down Genesse, across from Henry's).
Nice to see that there seem to be more UCSD heads this year...last year it seemed like it was just me, rawsheed and georgehimself-didn't know there were that many people.

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the only time UCSD is fun is during sun god...when students and teachers alike are intoxicated. I remember hanging out at the price center before the show and saw some people sitting on the grass doing lines...I seriously was :wow:
hmm yah ERC IMO has the best girls on campus, but that isn't saying too much. it seems like the things that happen on campus are either there or Muir.
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damn acidicality you are totally on point.
i graduated from TMC and of my 8 suite mates there were only a few cool ones. everyone is so distant on campus unless you are korean.

koreans get mad play cause they have that built in social network. this is not to say that other asians don't hang out, but for some reason the ones i met were either EC or EE and apprehensive about having a good time.

overall, i kinda wish i went to UCI. they gave me more money and every time i visited i had a good time with the people there.

again, i need to iterate that it's not the people at ucsd, its the infrastructure. the colleges are so far apart, its hard not to feel distant. to get to the homie's at warren might take 20 minutes, when at ucla you walked down the way.

hey, all that aside ucsd is good with academics. we are 14 in the world. not US, but world. if anyone at ucsd is down to get their hands wet with a internet start up then hit me up.
or just visit

if i had the funds one of my life's goals is to bring football to ucsd. at least we are undefeated, right?
thanks for the advice guys. im an incoming freshman going to Revelle also from SF. (What up bigboi6+ air generationog). i was just wondering if there was a thievery rate at ucsd
Well since your in La Jolla I recommend checking out La Jolla Brew house and Karl Strauss brewery down in the prospect area in La Jolla.

For kicks like the Zoom Kobe line you can cop them at UTC mall but that mall sucks if your still into coping retro J's since none of the shoe stores in there get any J releases.For J release in SD your going to have to wake up early and head down to Fashion valley, Horton plaza, Blends, and The attic on release dates.

Also for the best carne asada fries in SD make a a quick drive down the 805 freeway and get off clairemont mesa blvd. and hit up Lolita's.
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hey. i dont go to ucsd. i go to uci but i've been there a lot of times since my girl goes there. im pretty much there every other weekend. from my experiences there, the campus life is pretty dead. like everyone's said, the place is so huge that you feel so distant from your peers. you could have friends at erc or muir but it's like a 15 minute walk from warren or whatever college you're at.

you pretty much have to assert yourself and find things to do like join clubs or go greek if that's your thing. as usual, college is what you make of it.

what's up man? my girl is at warren college too. she had the apartments last year and is getting on again at goldberg, i think. she, like everyone there, was an engineering major but changed to human bio.
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dont forget that chick from maxim goes there..she stays bummed out around campus but when she was in maxim.... :wow:
thank god i got my car coming into ucsd. dorming too.
... and im out
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