[| -- Today's HEATWAVE in the GTA -- |]


formerly diplomat tdot
Jun 26, 2002
Basically 40+ today my goodness, I just came in from my usual late night biking and it felt like it was 25 easily, gotta love it.
its freakin disgustingly HOT outside and my house has a freakin broken AC. it sucks
FS:VNDS sz 12 Easter I's for CHEAP
thank god i work nights :D
its like perfect weather at 3am
The First Step is admitting you have a problem....

My Name is Mark, and i'm addicited to shoes
Every summer i start to slowly prefer winter more... i dont mind hot sun heat,its the humidity that i absolutely hate.
i hate summer, my allergies are on another level in July/August.

Don't even talk to me about the subway platforms being hotter than a mug.
looking for (sz 12-13):
safari dunk high
AM1 NL cement (black)
blazers (viotech/pinstripe)
sb classics
i went to scarborugh bluff and got some cutty on the beach with this fine young bit@h thats what the heat and summer is all about
Love the heat. It's the reason, today especially, almost every girl that came into my store was wearing short shorts. :smile:
after a long and cold winter im glad that summer's here, i don't mind the 40 degree weather either.
You couldnt make the fans throw up there hands if they swallowed their fingers.
haha...., i guess not... i luv it when its hot, especially here in vancouver when it barely has a long term of sunshine, we just had some pouring rain in the afternoon, and it completely drenched me. nice to know that somewhere in Canada is hot
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